I am doing well with my high speed veggie/fruit/kale/ginger shakes, back to nearly every day of this 2L beast going into me.

And thru me.


I love to put ginger in my smoothies. Turmeric, too. I have a big bag of powdered turmeric I use liberally in smoothies. With the arthritis, I need all the anti-inflammatory goodness I can get.

On an unrelated note, I decided to try Steem Basic Income. You have to sponsor someone into it to join. I joined with two shares, and sponsored you and kiwideb. Hope you don't mind. You'll get a little extra Steemit income out of it. :)

Turmeric stains everything so I just choke back the powder after the fact with the black pepper already in the shake to activate it.

Whatever you do, I am good with.

I don't know too much about the SBI thing at all, isn't that thru @taskmaster or one of his accounts/ideas?

You know, I'm actually not sure. They have their own account at @steembasicincome. I don't recall hearing anything about @taskmaster, but who knows? I read a bunch of posts on it before I jumped in. I sponsored Deb last week, and already am seeing more upvotes and money (a little, not a huge amount), so I sponsored you today, because the more people you sponsor, the more shares you get and the more upvotes you get. I give back by upvoting posts from the steembasicincome account. It seems like a nice enough program.

The people you sponsor in each get their own share, so it should benefit you and Deb, too.

I also signed up with Mannabase. That's another universal basic income crypto program. You sign up, verify your email, and they just give you manna coins each week. The manna coins are currently worth less than a US cent on the exchanges, but I heard they were worth 2 cents at one time.

Since it's free and you don't have to do anything to get a weekly distribution of manna coins, I figured, why not? Can't hurt to try. Might help. :)

Somewhere on my blog here, I have a post where I reveal my recipe for turmeric hummus. I add a little black pepper into it to activate it, as you do (fat works, too, like coconut or olive oil). It's a bit spicier than regular hummus, but still good.

I have heard of and forgotten about BOTH of these programs.

I am battling another severe headache again so I cannot function on days like there, which there is a lot of, I will make a note to look into this, with thanks for your help.

I was thinking of Deb also, good minds think alike except mine is just a little damaged now due to the accident.

Thanks Steph, I appreciate it.

My pleasure. You do a lot of good work here, and I thought you deserved more reward than you're getting. I hope it helps you.

Feel better.

Thanks Steph.

@taskmaster has registered several accounts into it, but the founder of @steembasicincome is actually @josephsavage.

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