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Hunza Valley is situated at 7,999' in northern Pakistan and is the home of the longest lived individuals on the planet. The high mountain valley is encompassed by the Himalayan mountains with the mountain in the photograph to one side ascending to 25,551'. Northern Pakistan is honored with the best mass of high mountains on earth where the Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir's, and Hindukush all meet!
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As much as the valley is celebrated for its excellence, the general population of Hunza are noted for their kind disposition and neighborliness. The neighborhood dialect is Brushuski yet the vast majority comprehend Urdu and English. The proficiency rate of the Hunza valley is accepted to be over 90%, for all intents and purposes each offspring of the new era examines up to in any event secondary school. Many seek after higher investigations from lofty schools and Universities of Pakistan and abroad.

Hunza family sitting almost an icy mass The Hunza People are particularly sound and free of illness. Many examinations have been done and it is trusted that their straightforward solid eating regimen of deliberately developed natural nourishment and the icy, living water is their mystery to wellbeing and long life. Hunza drink specifically from frigid streams in the high Himalayas. It is crisp, fortifying, life improving, free radical searching and tasty.
Researches on the Hunza Water:
The Hunza have the longest life expectancy on the planet and this has been followed as identified with the water that they drink and their regular eating regimen. Hunza water is a case of flawless common water. Hunza has individuals who routinely live to 120-140 years, healthy with essentially no tumor, degenerative ailment, dental caries or bone rot. Hunza individuals stay powerful and solid and are additionally ready to hold up under youngsters even in maturity. Research has demonstrated decisively that the significant shared factor of the sound long-living individuals is their nearby water.
A young Patrick Flanagan (17 years old) and Dr. Coanda (78 years old) discussed the secrets to the Junza’s longevity in June, 1963
He had been studying the five mountainous regions in the world where people commonly lived healthy and productive life for over 100 years, and discovered that while their diets were different, the one thing they had in common was the type of water they consumed.
One such region was Hunza land in North Pakistan, where the water contained certain silicate minerals that originate from the surrounding glacial mountains and the people drink the glacial water containing all those minerals. Taking over the research, Dr Flanagan discovered that these minerals gave the Hunza water anomalous properties such as a lower surface tension and freezing point. Other qualities include a high zeta potential, natural colloids, minerals and unique tiny silica.

The Hunza water is substantially similar to the water surrounding our cells, resulting in better cellular hydration and nutrient absorption for the people who consume it.
Dr Flanagan duplicated the properties of the Hunza water, developing the colloidal silica mineral known as the Flanagan Microcluster. It is plant-based, food grade silica mineral identical to the 241st form of silica discovered in the Hunza water, boasting a miniscule size of only a few angstroms wide.
Crystal Energy, the Flanagan Microcluster, concentrate soon followed. It reproduces the Hunza water properties in our drinking water with powerful tiny mineral clusters, reducing its surface tension and increasing its zeta potential – transforming our drinking water into biological water i.e. Wetter Water. It is the right kind of water for our bodily cells, providing the optimum hydration and nutrient absorption that regular drinking water cannot give.
Terraced arrive that is cultivated on the slope Dr. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of liquid flow and a Nobel Prize champ at 78 yrs old, burned through six decades examining the Hunza water attempting to figure out what it was in this water caused such valuable impacts for the body. He found that it had an alternate thickness and surface pressure. Dr. Patrick Flanagan and others proceeded with the examination. They discovered Hunza water had a high soluble pH and a remarkable measure of dynamic (hydrogen with an additional electron), with a negative Redox Potential and a high colloidal mineral substance. The water is living and gives medical advantages that different sorts of drinking water can't. Comparable common water properties and life span are found in other remote unpolluted places, for example, the Shin-Chan regions of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains.

Veiw of high mountains over the Hunza Valley What sort of extraordinary, sick tasting grub do these Hunza individuals eat, you are pondering. Peculiar as it might sound, for all intents and purposes everything the Hunzakut eat is luscious toward the western sense of taste, and is promptly accessible in the United States - at any rate if you're shopping skylines don't start and end at the market.
An optometrist, Dr. Allen E. Banik, likewise made the adventure to Hunza to see with his own eyes if the general population were as solid as they were presumed to be, and distributed his report in Hunza Land (Whitehorn Publishing Co., 1960):
"It wasn't some time before I found that everything that I had perused about unending life and wellbeing in this modest nation is valid," Dr. Banik pronounced. "I analyzed the eyes of some of Hunza's most seasoned subjects and observed them to be great." hv.jpg

Old picture of Hunza family assembled on a patio Beyond more flexibility from ailment, numerous onlookers have been startled by the positive side of Hunza wellbeing. Dr. Banik, for instance, relates that "numerous Hunza individuals are strong to the point that in the winter they practice by softening openings up the ice-secured streams and bring a swim down under the ice." Other valiant guests who have been there report their shock at seeing men 80, 90, and 100 years of age repairing the continually disintegrating rough streets, and lifting vast stones and rocks to repair the holding dividers around their patio gardens. The oldsters barely bat an eyelash at the prospect of playing an aggressive round of volleyball in the hot sun against men 50 years their lesser, and even participate in wild amusements of polo that are so brutal they woul.



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WOW! Great piece of information. I thought it were Japanese who hold the record for longevity. Good to know about Hunza Valley. And what beautiful pictures you have got! Thank you for these!
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