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For some people morning is a disaster in case of rising early in the morning.It becomes much more difficult in winter season.But if you follow a successful persons biography you will know they really utilize the morning time...because it is the time to follow some spectacular schedul.


It means prayer. Most people after rising become tensed.They engaged in facebook,reading newspaper,or thinking extra ordinary thing.But a successful man does not do this kind of thing.They do meditation or prayer in order to make their brain function optimaly for upcoming challange.Earlier it was believed that there is no link between meditation and success.But afterward scientist found a strong relationship between them.

A successful man always think positive in all circumstances.In long run the condition may deteriorate but have to stay positive...You have to ask yourself:1)Why you want to do this??
2)What is the possible benefits
3)What is the probable risk factor

People may think this is similar to Affirmation.But actually not.These are like tween baby.Affirmation helps you to achieve long run goal.But through visualisation you have to achieve your each goal.
Suppose you are watching a video.Here music is the affirmation and video picture is visualisation.

We all know that exercise is beneficial for health but usually avoid that because that is hard work.And our brain dont want to go through hard process.But when you exercise,your brain get oxygen.Which stimulates your brain to release endorphin hormone.This causes you to feel better,become active,become energetic for the whole day.You dont have to necesserily go to the gym to exercise.You can do lots of free hand exercise at home like push ups,sit ups,pull ups,running,rope jump and so on.

This is essential for personal growth.If you read 10 page per day it will be 3650 page at the end of the year.And it is amounts 17 to 18 books.WoW!!!One small comittment can bring vast change in your life.

You should write what you have achieved.What you yet to achieve.In which aspect you need improvement...Note down all these....This will help you to approach your goal.

And these thing you have to do in every morning before 8 am.Hopefully this post will help you guyz.Thank you.

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