Every friend is necessary ... now the scientists have accepted

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Having good friends, difficult times are hard to cut easily. This has also been proved in scientific studies. Experts at Harvard University said in a study that happiness is more important than wealth and success with good friends.

Surprisingly, this study lasted for nearly 80 years. Experts concentrated the study on 238 friends of the Great Depression of 1938. All of them were students of Harvard College and were close friends. This is being called the longest type of study. Based on this, experts said that as much as we are happy with our relationship, the more we will be happy and happy with life.

The special thing is that in this study, former US President John F. Kennedy and Washington Post's editor Ben Bradley were also included. Experts for the study put the participants at the center of success in the health and life events, career and marriage.

They saw that if anybody had ever faced difficulties, good friends helped to overcome their bad influences. Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital and professor and chief researcher Robert Wallinginger at the Psychiatric Department at Harvard Medical School said that our relationship and satisfaction in it have a great effect on our health.

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