The power of Imagination!

in life •  6 months ago

Imagination is definitely the main ingredient in thinking up and writing books, telling stories and film making. 

Not only for the author, but for the general public too! It is the thing they subconsciously submit to when reading books, hear stories and watch movies. 

  • People love their comprehension and imagination to be stretched beyond whatever they may have previously thought before. Maybe it’s travelling and going into the scary unknown dimensions that seem so appealing. 

First time authors:

For those who have never used their imagination to write exciting books, it is very hard to conjure up weird and way-out stuff. So this blog is for those new aspiring authors. 

State of blankness: 

We so want to write that exciting book. But somehow our imagination powers are dormant! Nothing exciting comes to mind. 

And you think to yourself, “How do famous authors do it?” 

What motivates them? Where do they get their ideas from? And how do they keep their imagination flowing, from one book to another? Wish we could do that too. 

Let’s look at our backgrounds.

The reason why we can’t conjure up weird stuff? In some cases it is the way we were brought up as children. Some children live dull lives, doing the usual stuff, like building blocks and playing ball, etc. 

Or, were you one of those children that their parents opened up your world by: 

  • Reading fairy tale books with pictures in them? What fascinated you about those stories and pictures? Was it the drama? Or fluid blur and excitement that pulled you in? 
  • Did your parents ever show you the underworld of nature? And look deep down into the grass and see what tiny creatures were doing there. Like following the chain of ants coming and going, to and fro from their nests … that sort of thing? 
  • And taking note of other worlds within your own everyday world. Like going to the beach with your family, and looking deeply into the water-pools within the rocks down by the shore to what was happening there? Or watch the fascinating busy life of the crabs scuttling over the beach sand and in and out of their holes as the surf rushes up the shore? 

Imagination is like using upturned psychology:

Have you ever wondered if things were reversed? For example: 

Let’s take those creatures deep down in the grass. What if they were much bigger than you? You, like an insect in their huge world! How would you relate to that? What would they look like to you? 

  • The result would be very dramatic, way-out to all that you have ever experienced before! 
  • You would be forced to think beyond you usual world

Children’s imagination:

Some children resort to having imaginary friends to play with and talk to. They act like they actually see their imaginary friend and the setup (scene) of the circumstances they have created. 

For girls they have toy tea sets and make mud pies to share with their imaginary friends. Boys play with toy cars or aeroplanes, pretending they are the drivers and pilots of those toys, doing those fantastic antics. 

The fact is, we have forgotten to use our childish imagination, because we’ve had to copy with everyday grownup responsibilities and realities. We have to re-learn how to pretend and use our imagination. 

So, what are the main ingredients of imagination?

  1. Being more observant. Day dream about what you see and hear. 
  2. Seeing the world from different angles or dimensions. 
  3. Think up dramatic, powerful way-out stuff, beyond the usual. 
  4. And live in a make-believe-word while writing.  
  5. Have fantasies like children do. Be willing to pretend. 
  6. Be unbelievable. Reverse and twist facts. But make the magic seem believable! 
  7. Use visionary powers to see plot scenes. 
  8. Use sound effects: Like talking, make and hear sounds like you’re actually there.  
  9. Have humorous thoughts to help you add the silly fun stuff to your stories. 
  10. Use your emotions and senses, to feel what your characters may feel and how they may re-act to certain and peculiar circumstances. 

In the next few blogs:

In the series of `Writing books’ (books flying icon), I will go into each of these above imagination ingredients in more depth. That is: One topic at a time, and how to do it and use it. 

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That so true, never forget to dream


The dreamers of this world make things happen, if they do something to make their dreams come true. Even writing about it, makes other people think about it too!

Very nice article...I do love writing my own reflection of what i did in the past and my personal experiences, but I also want to be an author too...Thank you for this.


Yes, and looking back, you realize your life wasn't so boring after all. You did somethings that perhaps most people didn't even get around to do at all!


That's true...I even cherish my life more looking back at how i overcame things in life, the milestone and crossroads. my wife has always been my only supporter to read all of my pieces of writing...this makes me even more flattered...

You’re very right:) I love to draw and letting my imagination run wild whilst doing so! I’m creating a book right now and I love where my imagination leads me - it is all a book of horror/sci-fi characters and scenes but it’s so fun to dive in.

I know you are a great painter, do you ever draw or paint from your imagination?


Yes a lot. But because I'm writing about places I've traveled to, on Steemit, people expect my paintings look like the places I write about.
When you know what makes a great painting, you can just splash paint on and let your imagination do the rest.
When I did commissions through the galleries, I painted what the customers wanted, including abstracts and portraits. Sometimes they would ask me to their homes and paint something to suit the colours of their decor.


So cool! That must have been lots of fun, if someone asks you to paint something to match their decor and then you can free flow from the mind :) wow you have a very impressive and well versed array of commissions, how awesome :)
the thing I like most about drawing and painting is the endless possibilities

Anyway, it's pretty interesting how so many people still are of the school of thought that imagination is born of creativity when it's difficult to imagine anything you haven't experienced. No matter how "creative" you are, you can't imagine "purple grass" if you have no concept of "purple" or "grass" in any capacity. Even acts of creativity are rearrangements of what we know in some way.


Yes what you think up has derived from a previous concept you had seen or have some knowledge of. But as our thoughts travel from one thought onto another, until a whole new concept is born. Most times it's a combination of many concepts rolled into one. Your Technic skills complete the product and give it's own uniqueness.

Your imagination is one of the keys to living life on a new level. You will never go to any place without first seeing it within your mind.


Yes, once you have envisioned it , you sort of given` birth' to it. It becomes an entity, even if it's only in your mind, you know it and you know you can do something with it, if you so wish.

Imagination and creativity can change the world.” Anonymous


So true! And it makes you feel so good that you were once part of making it happen, when you wrote about it and it actually got published.

A developed and strong imagination does not make you a daydreamer and impractical


Yes, it doesn't have to be a waste of time, if you can make money from your interesting fantastic write ups.

Very much agree that the power of imagination is more amazing than the power of logic.


Yes, and the realization of logic can kill the creativity of your imagination, isn't that so?

In your imagination, you can travel anywhere in the speed of light, without any obstacles. It can make you feel free, though temporarily, and only in the mind, from tasks, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances.


So well said. Yes, when thinking up imaginary things our minds do travel that fast. In fact I was just thinking a few moments ago, that I was even thinking faster than my computer! And that was presumptuous perhaps!

I completely agreed with you. A blank mind can't write exciting books as a fully thinking personality can write books. I'm sure everyone attracted to read a book while seeing the good fascinating images in it.


As you say, if you can visualize the scenes that's in your imagination, the power and beauty of those visionary scenes comes out in the way you write.

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Go ahead dear mem.


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Ok thanks mem. following.......

Very great and true article.Dreamz aee more important in our life.You can achieve your dreamz with hardworking.Without hardworking life is nothing.Very good writting.Thanks for sharing dear@Artguru.

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Absolutely amazing and fruitful blog!
Imagination is the powerful force which a person can set and use in positive or negative way whichever one want to, but In addition to all your useful information the surroundings and environmental factors also do matter in setting the imagination by arranging and developing of the subconscious mind.
I feel writers do have the best imaginations because they often write some novels or descriptions which doesn't even exist in real,which is a powerful art.
In last Thank you ma'am for these useful piece of art!