What Makes You Envy? How to Appreciate What You Have

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The first step to diminishing feelings of envy is to develop a gratitude mindset. Then, if someone has something you admire, practice emulation instead of envy. This can be done through practice of gratitude and avoiding comparison. This article also discusses ways to recognize the signs of jealousy in friendships. Lastly, it will discuss ways to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Practice gratitude to reduce feelings of envy
Practicing gratitude can help you reduce feelings of envy. Gratitude can help you remember and retain the good things that have happened in your life. Your brain is plastic, meaning that it can learn from experience. When you focus on the good things in your life, your brain will start to adapt. This positive attitude will also increase your energy levels. It is easy to feel tired when you are not in the best mood. You can start practicing gratitude to reduce feelings of envy and improve your overall wellbeing.

When practicing gratitude, try to remember that some things in life are not affected by hard work or strong desire. If you're married, for example, you may have to accept that you are not as happy as your spouse. Envy will start to look negative before it becomes destructive. By filling yourself up with activities, you will reduce feelings of envy. Try to be more positive and happy for others' successes. By focusing on the good things in your life, you'll feel less envious and less motivated to make comparisons.

Recognize jealousy in a friendship
One of the signs that a friendship is slipping into jealousy is when a friend starts to criticize you. This friend is constantly trying to make you look bad or worse than you really are. You may even feel uncomfortable hanging out with this friend. This type of friend is also more likely to try to make you feel inferior by complaining about how other people have better lives or have a better job. They may even try to keep you close by criticizing you behind your back.

The best way to deal with jealous friends is to take steps to resolve the situation. Try putting yourself in the other person's shoes. What would you feel if you were in their shoes? By doing this, you can decide how to proceed. If the situation is serious enough, you can try talking to your friend about it. Remember that if the friendship is not healthy, jealousy may ruin it. But if you recognize and address the problem early, it may help the friendship.

Avoid comparing yourself to others
You may feel jealous of other people's success, but that's probably not the most effective way to improve your life. Instead, focus on your own strengths. Make a list of your accomplishments, big or small. Then, review those achievements and be proud of yourself. In the process, you'll feel more satisfied with your life and less stressed about your own shortcomings. That way, you won't compare yourself to others.

By looking at others' achievements, you're missing the important parts of your own life. If you're constantly comparing yourself to others, you're not recognizing that you've made your own choices and are unable to imagine a better future. Instead, concentrate on your own strengths and goals. Once you do this, it'll become a habit. This way, you won't feel as pressured to achieve the impossible.

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