Happiness and Socialism - Be Careful What You Wish For

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Happiness and Socialism - Be Carefully What You Wish For? Are both utopias unappetising? Then, you must also consider the fact that heaven is as far from being a reality as socialist policies. Redistribution of wealth, curtailment of freedom, and lack of personal choice are among the reasons that make socialism such a disaster.

Utopias are unappetising
The word Utopia comes from a fictional place, usually an island, that is neither real nor good. Utopias have been common in literature for three or four centuries. Whenever we see a favourable Utopia, it is usually one that is unappetising and lacks vitality. However, Utopias can also be good, but are they really favourable?

Heaven is as great a flop as Utopia
Attempts to describe an other-worldly paradise have failed miserably, and Heaven is as bad as Utopia. In contrast, Hell is a respectable place in literature, and has frequently been described convincingly. The reason why Heaven is a failure is because the author was unable to capture the essence of such an idyllic state. Nevertheless, there are some elements that make Heaven such a flop:

Redistribution of wealth
The debate on redistribution of wealth is often framed in terms of social class. This can be a problem because people tend to support policies that help their own class. For example, in Latin America, lawmakers from lower social classes tended to favor redistribution policies more than legislators from higher social classes. However, the strength of this preference varies across countries. Nevertheless, the findings demonstrate that social class is an important factor in determining political outcomes.

Freedom curtailed under socialism
Critics of socialism say that the goal of raising the standard of living is impractical. The absence of competition reduces the incentive to adjust prices. Furthermore, a central planning committee may be in charge of pricing thousands of products, making it impossible for it to react to market cues quickly. Because of this, the Soviet Union's citizens often had trouble meeting their basic needs. Socialists, however, have never tried to develop freedom under socialism.

Envy feeds support for socialism
A common argument for the support of socialism is that greedy billionaires are a cause of inequality. This argument ignores the positive role of envy in society. Indeed, Schoeck argues that envy has both a positive and negative effect. He notes that envy has a social role that has to be addressed if we are to have any hope of achieving economic equality. However, he does not believe that greed is the root cause of inequality.

Disconnect between work and reward undermines motivation to work
There are many ways to dismantle the undermining effect of contingent payment systems on motivation to work. One approach involves creating the illusion that a task is merely boring and therefore doesn't require high levels of effort. In reality, people's intrinsic motivation depends on satisfying three basic needs: autonomy, relatedness, and competence. These needs are as necessary to human health as physical needs, but can be undermined by social pressure, acquiescence to external pressures, and the hope of power.


he main problem of socialism is the impossibility of ensuring objective equality. From each according to his ability and to each according to his work does not work in reality. People remain the same greedy and mercantile creatures as under capitalism. A few convinced people cannot ensure complete equality in the distribution of the products of labor. The forcing of social formations is impossible without the spiritual integral growth of society. But the idea is not bad. It's a pity that they put it into practice. I think the victims are tens of millions.

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