Freedom of Choice and Consequences

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The concept of truth is fundamental to our lives, but the process by which we identify it is flawed. While the marketplace of ideas is a flawed mechanism for determining what is fact, it largely corresponds to the reality. The value of factual truth may lie more in enabling foundational goods, such as social stability and happiness. As such, we might want to explore other options for defining truth.

It may chill speech that challenges prevailing opinion
When government acts and regulations prevent the legitimate exercise of rights, a chilling effect may result. The chilling effect can be produced by a variety of factors, including a threat of lawsuit, the passing of a law, or a court decision. While there may be no clear-cut answer, there are some general principles. Listed below are three of the most common causes of chilling effects. While these are not the only reasons for chilling speech, these laws may not be constitutional.

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