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Moving from the 'I-I' to the 'me-we'

For these spirits on standby, pleasurable possibilities are already in the process of materializing. "One day, I realized that all those with whom I had little or more contacts in the day lived a discreet quest, says Francoise Bonnal. Tel, former president of a prestigious group, worked for Unicef. Another, director of communication of a big television channel, was engaged in the cause of the women ... and myself, "pubarde" inveterate, pure product of the creative and materialistic period of the 1990s, I trained myself now energy therapies to treat others. Beyond hyperindividualism, new ways of being in the world were already experienced! Perhaps you think: "Nothing new, altruism, humanitarian commitment are traditions already widely expressed. "

In reality, this way of looking at the world is marked by a great modernity: "The word" réalliance "wants to account for an enlarged look of the individual who, while deepening inside, redeploys outside to a collective multiplied ", says the specialist. And in this "multiplied collective", there are just as much the others - all the others - that the animals, the nature, the planet, the cosmos ...

Re-alliance is the return to the "we" of an individual who has gone through introspection, self-seeking, personal development, who knows how to relate to others in interdependence, exchange, collaboration rather only in fusion or domination-submission relationships. Concretely, what gives what? The meeting of opposites hitherto distant from each other. "The individual re-alliance" can thus cultivate the desire to meditate (return on oneself) and the ability to negotiate decisive contracts (action); he returns to the wilderness that he perceives as a separate "being", and loves new technologies; he savored exotic cuisines (the distant), but in his neighborhood restaurant (the near).

Without our being aware of it, the spirit of re-alliance interferes with our daily lives. In the relations between men and women, in the family, in science ... We have chosen to describe in the articles of the file, witnesses in support, three areas in which he expresses himself: our creative activity, the habitat and the consumption. With tracks to help you embody it ... If this new human challenge tempts you.

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