Top 4 Bartering Skills You'll Need When the Economy Fails

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Do you know the skills needed to protect your family and insure your future in the event of an financial crisis?

If the economy took a sharp downturn, which abilities and talents will assist you and your loved ones in navigating this difficult and dangerous situation successfully? It could mean the difference between life and death, are you prepared?

Can you identify individuals in your family or group who possess the necessary knowledge and capabilities, and are confident enough in their strengths to perform in a real world situation? Have you created (or at least thought of) a risk management plan which includes contingency measures to draw upon key negotiating strategies?

By taking action today you can safely insulate your most important commodity- your loved ones- against the threat of financial crisis.

Bartering is the act of trading or exchanging goods or services with another person without the use of money.

Evidence confirms that these top four key bartering skills enable business leaders to cope with and thrive against unexpected marketplace conditions. They have been utilized and perfected for ages, long before monetary systems were developed, and they are the same abilities individuals will need to be proficient in to survive economical crisis. Be sure that a few of your people are trained in using these techniques!

Communications Skills

Effective emergency planning rests upon a solid foundation of effective communications skills.

Without communication, in a natural disaster situation such as a tsunami for instance, your son may panic and not know what to do so cowers in his best friends treehouse, your daughter might end up at Grandma's two counties away, and your spouse at the police station frantically filing missing persons reports while you're at the family cabin in the mountains waiting for everyone and wondering why they aren't there yet because, well, logic- where else would you go to escape a 20 foot wave?

Fortune 500 firms send staff to attend specialized courses involving communications skills development, knowing that if their people cannot communicate efficiently they will lose deals and contracts and the entire corporation will fail like a line of dominos.

Learning to enhance your communications skills develops greater flexibility in your daily interactions with others. They improve your ability to respond quickly and with versatility to unfolding events and unstable environments, and enable you to successfully negotiate the fine art of trading for goods and services. Effective communication could set you and yours on the road to security, whereas the lack of may very well place you on a difficult path to survival.

Credibility Building

Another essential bartering skill involves your capacity to establish credibility, among both your neighbors and strangers. In a diverse environment, different groups may consider certain types of people more trustworthy, or regard the opinions of one class of humans as being more credible than the others. For example, the opinion of a biologist with degrees may hold greater weight than the little old lady down the street- sometimes even despite the fact that grandma has been gardening successfully for decades while Joe college gained the expertise from studying plants in books.

Establishing yourself as knowledgeable and skilled in your chosen subject is very important, but building trust and proving yourself as a dependable and honest person instills confidence in those you wish to do business such as bartering with is just as necessary- maybe moreso.

Play scenarios in your head to learn where you have weaknesses and ensure you are prepared for anything. What questions might a potential trader ask you? What will you do if they say no? Imagining many different scenarios is a powerful exercise to strengthen your skills and credibility, ensure you're never caught unaware, and give you the confidence to come out of any situation a winner. Be sure you practice how to establish greater credibility among diverse audiences to extend and magnify your influence.

Develop a Higher Emotional IQ

Another in-demand bartering skill involves developing an enhanced emotional intelligence. This process may challenge abstract thinkers and literal thinkers alike, since it involves developing greater sensitivity to emotional messages that transcend logical appeals.

As the tools of modern communications place a premium upon visual imagery and the rapid transmission of data, developing greater awareness and sensitivity to the emotional messages and cues people subconsciously display becomes profoundly important. Subtle nuances in language, voice inflection, and body movements speak volumes.

Enhance your ability to respond effectively to the subtle cues will allow you to foresee potential complications- for instance if they cross their legs with their for pointed away from you it tends to mean they don't like you or your approach. A sure cue that means the person is in agreement and open to your deal is when they are actively nodding as you speak. Taking the time to develop a higher emotional intelligence givea you a great advantage.

Influence Others with Effective Networking

Experts agree that the shape of the future will likely depend largely upon utilizing your network of people. Everyone is skilled at something, so having a diverse set of connections is advantages. A basic grasp of networking fundamentals is a valuable commodity that will serve you well in so many aspects of your life today I'm surprised it's not a required skillset taught alongside math and history. Knowing how to use your network strategically and deliberately enables you to influence the actions of others in a mutually beneficial manner. And learning techniques to grow your network will pay off your entire life. Becoming a center of influene with careful strategic planning makes you an asset in any circumstances.

The dedicated bartering expert in your family or group should learn and practice difference negotiation strategies. By studying approaches for developing powerful reaches of influence, you’ll succeed in leveraging your assets more effectively in a rapidly changing global economy.

In Conclusion: Essential Bartering Skill Sets

In order to maximize your family’s situation during a period of economic downturn, you’ll want to invest time in carefully developing your bartering skill sets. Unleash the power of enhanced communications, credibility-building techniques, emotional IQ development and improved networking to attain a better, and more secure, position. You’ll exert more influence over a difficult course of events, and be armed with the confidence necessary to secure your family's future by learning and practicing strategic bartering skills.

The economy is volatile and shrouded in uncertainty. Countries are experiencing civil unrest and rioting as you read this. Learn how to barter now- consider it an investment for your future. Bartering is a practical skill you can learn and perfect for free, and a skill you can adapt to any situation- you can even use what you've learned tomorrow to get a lower price on a house. Or, hey- you're a talented decorator with a broken you don't know how to fix. Your neighbor is a plumber by trade who wants to redecorate the living room but lacks the time or knowledge. Barter a new toilet installed in exchange for a professionally renovated living room. It's a win for all.

Don’t wait. Act today to protect your family and shape your future!

Have you taken steps to protect against a financial disaster? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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Fyi, I think there's some words missing. One section ends "effective communication could"

Presumably, "could save their lives'" but maybe you meant something else?

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I suggest actually reading the content. 'Effective communication could.' is a complete sentence, and concludes the information presented in the paragraph (the actual word that means groups of sentences relating a concept, which section but vaguely does) it ends.

One takeaway from this is that OP is right about communication skills being important.

I read it all.

I certainly didn't mean to sound rude in my comment, and I apologize if that's the case, though regardless, I think @arbitrarykitten and I have a friendly enough relationship that if my tone came across impolitely, she'd forgive me.

Learning to enhance your communications skills develops greater flexibility in your daily interactions with others. They improve your ability to respond quickly and with versatility to unfolding events and unstable environments, and enable you to successfully negotiate the fine art of trading for goods and services. Effective communication could

Ends without a period, firstly, so you'll excuse me for perceiving it as an incomplete sentence. Furthermore, no. I'll wait for the OP to respond, but I don't think that was intended to be the whole thought.

Fair point Guv'nor!

Oh my, you are the only one who noticed! Great eye @improv :)

Thanks! Gotta prove my proofreading skillzzzzzz.

When you look at this list and notice you suck at all these points. Ouch!

At least I can learn, starting with Communication skills.

Oh no! lol! Hey, at least you can honestly look at yourself and realize where you're lacking! So many stick their heads in the sand!

Oh my word I am glad to see are you??? I was worried about you!!!! Please update me in discord. xx

I'll be right over :)

Our country is so close to civil unrest yet somehow we sort of reel it in every day just to let it out of the cage the following week. Loved this post and found it fascinating, I have been slowly preparing each month, holding various value items I could use to remain liquid in any crisis. It's going to be an interesting economic reboot now that we have cryptocurrency and if we see what's happening in Venezuela it can quickly gain adoption in times of economic depression.

Yes, but the line gets weaker and weaker each time we cast it. It can only hold such a great weight for so long...

Your preparations are wonderful, good for you for actually recognizing and taking action: far too many ignore or shake their heads with "it'll never happen to me", not realizing that's what those before them, such as the citizens of Venezuela, repeated as mantra before the tides hit.

Good to see your after long. Infact you brought up an interesting topic that started during ancient times, before the introduction of currency. However them still possible is bit tough considering how well you able to convince the opposite side. If they able to see some benefit, they happily accept them

Good to be back, it's been a crazy couple of years!

You can have the best and most coveted items, but if you are not wise in the idiosyncrasies of bartering you will end up losing fast.

Filing this for my Prepper Readings ;)

Highly rEsteemed!

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