Remember to Treat Yourself Like A Dog or Cat and You’ll Be Fine

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If you have ever wondered if people love their pets more than themselves, a study showed that when people are prescribed medicine, a third of them won’t fill the prescription, another third will forget or refuse to take the medicine, or take the wrong dose or miss doses. Unless it is for their pets!

When it comes to medication for their pets, those same people will almost always fill the prescription and will administer it correctly.

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Why do we treat our pets better than ourselves? It’s high time we treated ourselves as well as we treat our dogs and cats.

You have to put yourself first. But first we have to like ourselves, then learn to love ourselves.

You can’t look after anyone else until you care for yourself first.

My dog has given me countless hours of comfort, and he himself is like medicine to me.

He ups the quality of my life tremendously.

The same was true for the cat I used to have. She made me laugh and she layed on my chest and purred while wrapping her arms around my neck while I was laying in bed.

When I was giving birth to my first son, I put a picture of my cat beside my bed in the delivery room.
It comforted me to look over at her and see her cute face when I was in pain. She was like a painkiller.

She was something familiar that brought stability to the chaotic situation of being in labor before childbirth.

When I brought my new son home from the hospital, the first thing my cat did was crawl in his carseat and go to sleep when I brought it into the house. Now I was caregiver for two other beings besides myself.

You start out in life only having to take care of yourself and then you add people and things to take care of constantly, and sometimes you forget that your first responsibility is to yourself. It is great to give love and time, but when you feel tired and sad, remember to treat yourself, the same way you treat your pet, by showing him love, giving him water and food, and exercising him in the fresh air.


*source - 12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson
photos - Pixabay


Great post @annhoyblog and I agree totally !!
Whats that analogy : In a plane if you have an Emergency you have to put on your Oxygen mask before you can help others put on their's.

Thanks again and btw I will be gone for a month on vacation so my time might be limited in visiting my fellow Steemians' blogs ( like yours). I 'll be back though :)

Hey nice to see you back active again

How are you and how is the vegan living going?

It is so awesome. Whenever I go to a restaurant with someone, they eat vegetarian too! I don't even ask them too! It's inspirational!

Yes, we feel selfish when we practice self care, but it's the best way! Enjoy your vacation!

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