Thank you once again Steemit for giving me the opportunity to update my sport equipment. @annadeda

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Hello to all my friends of Steemit.

Today I want to tell you about an important update I made on my sport equipment. As I have told you in another post of mine the equipment of my sport is very expensive and it is so difficult for me to make the updates required at times for me to be a better player and to have a smoother progress as an athlete. I am so happy and grateful that the wonderful community of steemit has come to my Aid in this matter. Because of the generosity of my friends have steemit and their votes I am able to make my updates and buy new equipment pieces for my sport. In these two photos I am showing you my new mouth-pointer that I was able to obtain due to the love you show me here on steemit. The mouse pointer is more accurate and help me have much more control in my shots who is the balls. As it is a new system for me I have still to learn and to practice a long time before I can say that I have mastered it totally, but I am positive that I am going to make it very soon as I believe in myself and my motivation of thanking you all for your help is very strong. I feel the need to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for you are by my side to help me and cheer me up through my journey as a paralympic athlete. God bless you all ♡

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Good work! I believe you will get better.