Top 5 interesting and amazing facts in the world

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Today we discus about Top 5interesting facts

What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean...This is a famous proverb.If we talk about the things which we know and yet to know in the world around us...This dialogue suits perfectly.Even if we know any number of new things still, many more new and amazing things will be revealed.


 It is quite common that we offer a handshake whenever you meet someone.Still, we are continuing this culture which we adopted from the English people.Well, the number of germs transferred while giving a handshake is...4 times more than the germs transferred while kissing on the lips of someone So let us wish everyone in traditional Indian Namaste'. 


 Generally, cats are seen on the compound wall of our houses Looking at their walk without any sound and their speed of reaction during an unexpected incident...Everyone will be surprised.Well, how many of you know that these are the laziest of all creatures in the world?They do spend at two-thirds of their lives asleep it seems.It means...If a cat lives for 9 years it will be awake only for only 3 years.It spends remaining 6 years of their life asleep it seems. 


Do you like popcorn very much?Are you eating popcorn a lot during any occasion or whenever you go to see a movie?Then here is a good news for you.That is...Eating more popcorn will increase bone strength it seems.Strengthen the muscle tissues.They give more strength to the teeth and avoid tooth loss. 

4.calendar with 13 maoths

  Ethiopia is one of the major countries in Africa continent.Generally, while there are 12 months in all the calendars across the world...They have 13 months.Not only that...There, Ethiopian New Year is celebrated on September 12 every year. If it is a leap year, the New Year is celebrated on September 13. 

5. Bruce Lee

 I think there is none who do not know this name.Even though he did very few films, with his mark action scenes...He stole the hearts of the audience.We all know that he is an expert in Chinese martial arts.While doing action scenes in his movies, he used to complete that move in an eye blink it seems.Seemingly, the makers used to show that scene in slow motion in order to make the audience watch it clearly. 

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Most of the things are unknown facts to the current generation. May be steemit is helping everyone to know the facts. Nice post. keep everybody informed. thank you


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