The positives of a Heated Throw Blanket~

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This photograph is not the best and definitely would not win any gold medals but my purpose was to show off the positives of a Heated Throw Blanket. Aldi was selling them for a very reasonable prices of $35. What a good price I thought and I know someone who could do with this kind of blanket. I then did what any other person would do. Yes, bought it! I do not need it but I have a friend who does. She is on a government pension and lives in a cold house. it made perfect sense to buy one of these throw blankets to help keep her a bit warmer in front of the TV during winter. This friend lives in a little country town far away from an Aldi store.

One of the Universal Laws is called the Law Of Compensation. This Law deals with the material and spiritual gains we receive in life.

It is in the manifestation of this law that we see the visible effects of our deeds as they are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships and blessings.

(The Light Shall Set You Free, page 197)

This is where giving and receiving fits in. Giving and receiving are reciprocal. It is up to each and everyone of us to choose to help out when it feels right. On the other hand I believe that the person you help out gives back in another way. My dear friend is a wonderful psychic healer who is always giving messages from family who have crossed over to the other side. She is a reader and a good one.

Check out this gorgeous soft warm throw blanket.

I know that this Heated Throw Blanket will get to my friend in a few days. She will love it!



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I love people like you who love genuinely. You're about to put a smile on a face Angie. So why won't you have a smile on your face too? I haven't read the Universal Law yet nor the Law of Compensation but I know verily that givers never lack. I love you and what you're doing. See you at the top ♥


I always smile @tobah.


♥ I found no reason why karma shouldn't let you dear Angie

howdy there @angiemitchell!! I didn't know they had Aldi stores all the way down there..well I knew they were in Europe and here so I guess I should have figured, one of my favorite stores, they are going so much into organic things now. anyway I'm off topic my main point was yes! what is also known as the Law of Reciprocity works wonderfully. bless you. my vote is still charging, sorry, it is taking forever to charge up, 70% now at least. thank you!


Your words are enough @janton.