I am a selfie photographer .....can't help myself

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What are you saying Angie Mitchell, you like doing selfies? I do but I got to set the scene here.

I do not normally snap a self portrait. I have been guilty of this but not often simply I do not live on my own or travel on my own. I understand why it is done by individuals. They do a selfie and send to friends to say hello, showing of a new dress, a great hat or Ching Chinging with a glass of wine. Each to his own!

To me selfies are about connections. Friendships are important, whether they are face-to-face, at a distance or on a social medial platform like Steemit.

The kind of selfies that I am famous for are group selfies and I do them to keep a memory with everyone in the photo. If one person takes the pic then that means he/she misses out on being in the photograph! Unless you can find some willing kind person! Right?

This group selfie was taken in Germany, such a fun memory of the day, the trip and the selfie. The temperature was -4 degrees that particular walking day.

Selfies mark the occasion very well when no-one else is around to help out! Even if the photos are very close up with no filters applied.

Have a happy day.

Enjoy reading and please comment.

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Nice job...
good picture really like it.


Thank you, it is really luck isn't it when one gets a good photo?

This is... impressive.


Thank you, I have had some practice.

howdy there @angiemitchell! what a fine lookin group you have there!
-4? I bet that helped everyone to walk briskly! great photo.


You are not wrong @janton. Amazing when walking how warm one gets!


if it was that cold I could even walk ten miles or whatever it was!