Everyone has a personal preference for meditation, time out ..........

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Whatever floats one boat - everyone is different aren't they? I was intrigued by a fb friend who posted this photo on Facebook yesterday. A simple choice by an individual creates interest and comments from others. Makes the world go round in a fun way.

2 wheel meditation......


His friends were most impressed and in awe of Kurt riding his mountain bike up to such heights. Of course as Facebook is a social site, conversations happen -

How beautiful is that view and you got up there on your bike. I am impressed.

I'm going to live vicariously through your bike adventures!

So Beautiful💙💙💙

It's like my two legged meditations I do after work.....

I walked up a mountain in Perugia, Italy with a full backpack on a couple of years ago. I was sure the hotel was near the railway station I told my every patient husband. So we started walking and continued walking up and up for a couple of hours. A bus full of tourists passed us - how sensible were they! The positive part was that the view was beautiful half way up this mountain.

A good place to sit and quietly breathe in the views. I did not meditate, I just looked with relief that I could sit for a short time.

This is my personal preference for a peaceful meditation experience.


Enjoy reading and please comment.

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We went once by tourist bus from Geneva to the Alps in France, that was a horrible experience. No time to meditate, no time to truly enjoy the landscape or the mountains ... we queued up for a mountain lift, got to some indoors viewpoint and didn't even go out of the building ("come back, we have no time for that!" my wife yelled). For me, enjoying the mountains is quite much about being there in the outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and getting some physical exercise, hiking, biking or sailing ... and have well-deserved breaks with food and drinks and relaxation.

howdy there @angiemitchell...everyone needs their own meditation spot and your backyard is the most peaceful spot on earth!