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In this modern age that we live in, distractions are aplenty. With the advancement of technology, spending some quality time on our own to think has taken a backseat. Whenever we have a few minutes to spare whether at home or somewhere else, we would rather use it on activities like taking that perfect selfie to post on Facebook or stream some Netflix movies or watch some silly videos about cats on Youtube. Doing activities like spending some time to think of our direction and progress in life has become obsolete as playing hula-hoop it seems.

Make some time to think

Every night, whenever I have the time, I would spend 30 minutes on the treadmill for my dose of exercise. I also use that time to do some thinking as well. Not to think about what movies to watch later or where to hang out during the weekends but rather about things regarding the direction of my life.

What things do I need to work on in order to improve myself?

Do I need to change some of my habits in order to save more time so I can get more things done?

Am I doing the things that will get me closer to my dreams?

These are the type of questions I ask myself whenever I have some thinking time to myself.

Think of the future and not only the present

It's imperative to spend some time to think of your plans and goals in life and to check if you're on the right track towards achieving them, because sometimes we tend to fall into the notion that what we are doing now are getting us closer to our goals when in fact it isn't.


Also, think of the long-term and ask yourself if this is the path you really want to take in your life by taking the time to reflect and evaluate yourself. Because what's worse than having no plan for your future? It's wasting your precious time and effort on something that you thought you wanted to pursue in your life but upon deeper reflection is actually not.

Make it a habit of spending some alone time occasionally, even 20 minutes to reflect on your plans and progress in your life instead of wasting all your free time on activities that gives little to no return for your future, trust me your future self will thank you for it.

Do you spend some time alone to think about the direction and goals of your life?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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P.S. This post from @kaylinart is where I got the inspiration to make this one. If you're interested to read about life tips, you might wanna check her posts out and follow her.

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That is indeed true ,we should give our-self some time !
I do like the idea of yours buddy !


Thanks buddy! 😊

Thanks for the thought provoking post. I really needed to read exactly those words today, so major thanks! 🦋⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Youre very much welcome lorilikes! 😊