Does practice really makes perfect?

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A long time ago during my college days, I and my friend Rob would hang out outside the campus after class and talk about anything. Rob was the kind of guy who's not afraid of going up to a woman and ask for her number. He's charismatic and charming. The type of guy who knows his stuff around women. Whether it's making them laugh or giving compliments or just having a good conversation with them. He was good.

I, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. I was nervous around women. Whenever I'm about to speak, my words would betray me and I get tongue-tied. And when I finally did manage to get the courage to speak, it's either my words are incoherent or I would blurt out one-liners like "Hi" and just stand there and freeze like an idiot. Awkard indeed. Hell, if there ever was a subject about speaking with girls, I'd get an F for failure.

You might be wondering why I'm sharing this story with you. It's because I believe in the saying that practice makes perfect. Not exactly perfect because we all know there's no such thing as that. But being good enough for you to be effective and efficient with a certain art or skill. You see, social interaction is also a skill. Whether it's with a man or a woman, being able to strike up a good conversation with another person is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

In fact, constant and deliberate practice with a certain skill can massively improve one's learning and performance over time. Not to mention it can also boost one's confidence but it is also reported that they perform better than a person who practices less. No wonder athletes and professionals like artists or actors are always practicing their craft day in and day out.

Basketball players practice their shot every day.

Golfers routinely work on their swings.

Magicians work on their tricks constantly.

Salesmen are always looking for ways to further improve their sales pitch.

Even if they're already at the top of their game, they all still practice regularly.


That's why if you want to learn a skill or have one that is not yet polished, always remember to practice, practice, practice. Whether its blogging or cooking or singing or dancing or whatever passion you have, one must find the motivation to work and put in the time and effort to practice even if one is already good at it. According to a study, it says it's never possible to be perfect at something but by constantly practicing, it allows you to be better and makes it faster for you to retain what you know.

As for me, over the years and with practice, I can say that I am now quite confident talking to women and I don't freeze like an idiot anymore. I'm still not as good as my friend Rob though, but I can definitely hold my own.

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Congratulations! You're in a much better place approaching and talking to girls.

Yes, I entirely agree with you. It takes a lot of practice and patience to be really good at something. If you're interested to be good at something, no matter which level you are in, you can definitely improve your skills.

Thank you so much @andywong31 for sharing the story. :)
There are many guys who can relate with that, you know. :P

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