Riffvlog on Involuntary Van-life...

in #life2 months ago (edited)

Okay, all you soon to be homeless COVID folks...Let's document our adventures!
But first I think we should all get together and hire lawyers to sue governments for losses that we can prove!

Okay...rent notice is given after ten years and Van Build begins! I'm tough as nails so I always find a way to survive! Even though I'm not happy that this bout of homelessness is involuntary. All things MUST be voluntary to be of ethical value.

Clean floor:

clean.jpgclean copy.jpg

Sound barrier paint: clean paint.jpg

Reflextix :


Okay, so I was thinking about doing vinyl but I'll likely do one-sheet of lino--we'll see. I'll buy 3/8th ply for the sub-floor tomorrow: floor.jpg

Okay, here is my vlog. I forget what the content is but I suspect it's relevant:

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