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This week I have been working on plaster restoration on a house built in 1897.
1st step is scratching out the cracks and web taping them glueing up any loose plaster. Then we coat the entire surface with a bonding agent.
Then comes the fun ! We are using diamond coat veneer plaster mixed with silica sand for effect and hardness. image.jpg
Today we did a ceiling . 1st Introwell on about an 1/8 inch of mud on the whole surface. This is about like running a race against time because you have to get all the mud troweled on and get back to where you started before it starts setting. Once you have the mud on the wall you the go back and start troweling it in to flatten it out. This task is a little harder when you have sand in your mix. image.jpg It took us about 3 hrs for this ceiling we did today. But that is 3 hrs of flat out running till you are done. Here is a couple pictures of the room we just finished

This is a challenging but fun project and I️ am happy to be apart of it.

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ow..great work brother ..carry on