Proof of Papa-Peppers Seeds

in life •  24 days ago

I recently made my first of what I hope to be many orders from The homesteaders Co-Op.
My first purchase was from None other than @Papa-Pepper !
I bought some African Jelly Melon and Chines Noodle Beans and papa threw in some toothache plant seed and of course a pepper !
Thanks for the goodies and congratulations Papa and mama pepper on the new pepper!

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Nice pick up! Ill be sure to hit him up once I get my plot of land

Freaking sweet bro I want some Carolina reaper and Ghost peppers send me the link? I see he did mention it have not been following of late. You paid with SBD how much did that package cost with shipping? Cheer$;) Bruv

@papa-pepper I'm interested as well. Please can you send to Nigeria?

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Love it! RESTEEMED! I hope that they all grow well for you!