One Mans Trash is Another Mans Savings Account

in life •  8 months ago

My grandfather ran a salvage yard so I grew up learning the value of other people’s junk. I remember that any time he was not taking a part off of a car for a customer he was cleaning scrap metal.
Now I work in the construction industry and have opportunity to pick up lots of scrap out of dumpsters and job sites.
I take this home and separate it and store it away until I have a good amount worth taking to the recycle yard.
Some of the things I recycle are copper wire , copper pipe, aluminum, and I also have a scrap iron pile that I haul in when prices are up.
This all adds up over time and also saves it from the landfill.putting these resources back into our economy.
Some other good items to recycle for profit are computer and electronic components. Cardboard, and even plastic bottles,

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That is a great idea. Growing up my dad ran a construction company. I would go around the job site and find all the copper i could to scrap. It adds up after a while.


Oh yes I try and keep it till the price is high. Right now all metals are trending up.

Great information....
Good job and success for your job..
Success is your...