Garden Update: rain and more rain

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We have had intense rain lately. We did get a couple of days this week with only showers. I managed to get out and hoe a couple of rows this Saturday. Before the next round of storms came thru. Our garden could use some sunshine . Right now as I write this we are under a flash flood watch and it is pouring.

I decided this week I would talk about the corn we planted .
I planted three varieties of corn this year
The first variety was the midnight sweet corn
With black kernels. This variety is doing well
The second was the Papas blue corn. This variety came up well also. It is more of a meal corn and I am playing with it to see if we could grow it in the future for feed.
The third variety was the hybrid ruby queen and this one has not came up well at all I am conserving replanting it into another variety.
I planted pole beans in all the rows of corn spaced about 2 feet apart. I then planted our pumpkin varieties between our corn . The idea is that once it all gets going the pumpkins will cut down on the weeds And shade the soil to hold the water.
More soon!
Thank you for reading!

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Hi @andre-ager. What an interesting variety of corn. Here in Venezuela we only have two, white and yellow. I would like to know if the taste varies in the ones you have in sowing.
So much water does not affect your crops?


I used to plant peaches and cream sweet corn. This year I just wanted to experiment. The rain is definitely starting to have a negative impact on the garden. Hoping for some sun soon!


Hopefully that sun will shine soon then. I have a small patio at home, it is really a small space, but even so I have managed to plant tomato, chives and chili. So I imagine that in a garden as big as yours should be many more fruits and vegetables.