Bottling Some ale and checking on the apple Meade

in life •  last year

Had a chance to bottle some of my Apple Ale today. 1st batch was still a little sweet. But I spiked it with some b vitamins and bottled. The second batch was nice and dry. I spiked it with a t spoon of sugar per litre and bottled it. I spiked the 3 rd batch with a half cup of sugar and racked it to a new jug and airlocked it.
I also checked on my apple Meade . That was doing very well. I racked it to a new jug added a half cup of honey and airlocked it. It should be ready to bottle next month.
I am using Old Svedka bottles for the ale they are heavy glass and the lid should pop off before the bottle would burst. 2 weeks and I should be drinking the ale!

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Looks tasty! This is a hobby that I have wanted to get into for several years. Oh, I wish I could find the time. For some reason, mead and cider making fascinates me. Hopefully, I can start sometime. I have been collecting many books on the subject though...


I have been making wine for several years. It teaches you patience. You don’t need too much time just a little here and there and a lot of waiting


Hey thanks. Patience I got, and as a hunter I can wait, but I have almost no time. Sounds like the perfect new hobby for me. Enjoy!

That looks amazing. I have always wanted to try to make my own Meade. Keep us posted on how the ale turns out


Thanks will be updating when I crack one.

amazing post thank you for sharing

Amazing i like it thank forJ👍💪💏💏💕💕💕

beautiful post