Give yourself a chance, if need to start over, start !

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Most of the time life we requires a lot of courage and maturity to leave the comfort zone to which we are adapted to live, and this has nothing to do with wanting to stop, but rather, because we need to start something new by giving a new chance to oneself , renewing the hopes to believe that yes we are able to go beyond what we imagine.

Allow yourself start over !

It is necessary to start over as many times as necessary, for even if the falls are great, intense and lasting, best will be our maturation. Over time we realized that some things that affected us before, nowadays do not affect us anymore.

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Every day we have the chance for a fresh start, good things are go, so that the best can come, but for this to happen we need to be open to change and allow every new beginning to be part of us. The very way is to learn from mistakes and losses, to close a cycle and with courage and determination to start new cycles.

It is certain that, even if our dreams seem far and far from materializing, nothing is out of our control and to get around the situation we should not let discouraging comments reach us, because life is made of beginnings and new beginnings however we must always stand up and follow to achieve the progress.

At times in life we ​​need to recalculate the route and set new goals to achieve new results, but time explains everything, and the restarts allow us to choose other paths and new ends and this is so gratifying, since we were created to advance, to grow however do not forget this entails a lot of effort and hard work.

There is always a new beginning in the awaiting us, it is certain that we can not go back in time and change every decision and choice we made but we can always start over and make different decisions that we have taken previously, every transformation requires new attitudes and new habits, after all the life is an eternal resumption and the starting over is part of life.

In every circumstance it is necessary to remember everything that was good, but always rebuilding and relearning with each mistake, because there is no end for those who believe in new beginnings.

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Hello Ana Cristina, your words are so comforting for me and so encouraging. Especially in these moments in which all the systems of my country are turned into chaos. Now when you do not see an exit for the situation that we are living in Venezuela. The things with which I now count have cost me a lot to get them. And I'm wondering, am I really going hungry? the answer is no. Do I have somewhere to live in a quiet way? The answer is yes. And I thank the creator for that.
But when I see that the government of my country increasingly wants to control everything and they force you to get a card to be able to collect the pension of the elderly that many. Also to be able to fill
your car's gas tank.
To receive a box of food that lasts 1 week but you give it two or three months. So those of us who do not depend on these boxes have to buy food at very high prices that increase every day and you do not see it as final. Because nobody controls this. And this is because of it. You think it is time to leave the country to see if you have new life opportunities elsewhere. So, is that when you think about starting again at my 63 year old age? It is difficult, and I am now trying to decide if I remain in the country or if I start again in another country.



It really is a difficult situation, but for everything there is a way ..
Life sometimes plays us a play, and we are always starting again, always struggling to secure our future. Unfortunately the government comes and destroys all our dreams, only think of them.

But there is still hope, and next year everything will start to get in the way, just trust, believe. While there is life, there is hope !

Success for you!