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It is a cold color, and is located in the color circle facing the red color, The blue is a basic color, and comes between green and violet.

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This color becomes deeper when surrounded by black or when it is displayed in wide areas. When it moves from a white background to a black background, it turns from dark to light.
It is the color that controls the earth, it determines the dimensions, and gives the feeling of depth, characterized by reducing tension and nervousness in man.

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His presence in nature is all good, he is the color of the pure sky, and in the water rebound, and in the clouds good andhope.

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It is a source of calm and optimism, as the girls who are ready to marry in Greece are optimistic and are keen to wear a blue band or a ring of this color in concerts to avoid envy.

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you have very good knowledge about colors
till today i was like color is color but u change the way of my thinking about colors .,thanks for post



Great blue color good looking post keep it up @amy_bella

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nice images, i love them. Thanks

Thank you

Very beautiful, I love those shades of blue.

I am just selecting them, thank u

Right @amy-bella... Good things are associated with blue, like clear days, more than singing the blues. Just the word 'blue' in the singular is full of optimism and positive connotation to most people.

Very nice argument thank u

Nice article

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I upvote now your turn

This makes me want to get intro photography

Yes , if you are talented an you must have a good materials for that.

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@amy-bella it's cold colour as everyone know earth looks like a blue colour from space


Are those rocks natural??

blue is my favorite colour. nice photo. up voted to you.

Great article. I think you have great knowledge on color and all this stuff. That's really great keep it up

Exactly blue colour is the symbol of universe.

So nice .