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Steemit friends on this occasion, I will memnerikan little information about fish milkfish.

Of course not free from diseases that lurk. Even some of them can be deadly. However, for Rasbin, that's not a big deal.

When asked about the prevention of disease, he admitted there was no special treatment for milkfish. He only did water treatment painstaking to keep fish healthy.
In obtaining seeds, I work with andi or seed suppliers. Later, when the harvest, he did not have to bother to market the product because it is directly accommodated by the supplier of the seed.


"The price range of one package of seeds is Rp 200,000, consisting of 2,000 milkfish seeds," said the father of two children. For that soon cultivate milkfish.

Good luck thank.



so many fish 🐟 looks good, enjoy 😊

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