Can you build a house in a day ?

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Hey Steemians, this is insane.I never thought that something like this could be possible. In the near future we'll be able to print homes, like literally and thanks to 3D printing. It never occurred to me that it could be one of the applications.

One of the basic physiological needs of every human being is to have a shelter to rest and we should be thankful that we have one. Well, this technology is incredibly promising and the worlds first 3D printed home is already in existence in Auston, Texas.

Another milestone achieved. Shout out to the team @ ICON and below is the printer that made the home in the video above.

and some snaps of the home built in 1 day. I mean one day ago it was just land and look now! Now it wont take months and years to build a home. It cost them $10,000 to built this house and the team believe that they can bring down the cost to $4000.

How blessed we are to have such a technology and how many lives will have a positive impact including and especially places struck with natural disaster. Truly blessed.

Read full story at Quartz Media

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excellent post, technology is not in place


It is already mate, thats the first 3D printed home, so..

I used 3D printing in my college . The tech is amazing .


Awesome mate. build a home🏠

Very nice. home post this post to you for thank you very much and post like I post vote and comments and post share and follow-I, so that as this post all see and this post to everyone can vote


thank you🏠

This is Wonderful in just a day

Everything is possible nowadays depending on faith, determination, focus, passion and the steps we take. You believe in your vision that you can achieve your aims and you did. Beautiful homes like eternity home. Am following you right away, because I can't wait to more of your amazing post.


Cheers mate , appreciate it you coming by and as you said to make such an beautiful home in a day is an amazing feat.


Yes so amazing feat. Thank you for your touching in my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a nice day

Yes. This is very interesting. For being so quickly put together it doesn’t look that bad Of quality.


Well yeah, they made it look just like a real home

Wow!! This deserves a great reward. i hope that this will be spread and be used all over the world especially in my country,Philippines,where many people are homeless


Sure @jason04. This will help a lot of people. People are not just aware of the possibilities yet. This could revolutionize the construction industry too and certainly give homes for all and less fortunate people wouldn't have to worry about any longer. Good luck and welocome to Steemit :)

I can not make such a house. What makes the house only once Your house is very good.


Thats not my house bro lol

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow


Well said mate.

very nice.

Wow , that so perfect minimalist home my dream. Thx bro ...ur bring me inspire to build it. Nice to know ur @almukhyarsidiq

That was great, totally awesome. When the skill handled everything gonna be on the good side.