Living the moment

in #life2 years ago (edited)

 Considering the reason of, why recording the moment and not living it, I realised that when I used to do the same in the past, I never truly enjoyed it nor I had any memory of the event itself. So, so I learnt that passing through the looking glass, and not staying behind it, is what makes life good.

That night was one of the best, and we had a great time, aren't we @ruth-girl and @trumpman?


και οπως ειπαμε ! την επομενη φορα τραπεζι ή θα κανουμε secret concert για παρτυ μας ! xD

Secret concert just for steemers? Χαμός!!

Yeah! I had fun too!!!! The sore feet were worth it! :D

And now we just remember the thrill of the moment and not the sore nor our mobile's screen!

That is what me and @rouketas where saying that day.

I couldn't enjoy the concept. to crowded for my age. The music though was really good.

Thank God, I am not the only one!

I know I had a blast :D Great bands, great music, great night !

I bet it was a "black" night :P