If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. (Emily Dickinson)

in #life2 months ago

I believe it is important to have the right perspective in life. Maybe you are thinking of yourself as the center of the world, and in a way, that is true, since you are seeing everything through your own eyes and you are living in your own body.

But, it is important to open up our eyes and see that the real-life is lived when you live for others and when you help others. What does this mean?

Instead of always focusing on your own needs and on your own life, why don't you start to look at others and see what you can do for them? What can you do to encourage someone else today? What can you do in order to add value to the life of someone else today? It will not only make your life better but it will for sure improve the day of the other person as well!

So, if you can stop one heart from breaking, your life has not been in vain!

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