building out the alcove again

in life •  5 months ago


This is a view from my alcove I built in the back yard a few years ago. It is so nice to sit out by the pond and relax hearing the birds in the tree. Well it is spring time again and time to build out a new alcove to sleep outdoors for the spring. By summer time it may be to hot to sleep outside but I have some ideas about how to use the cooler from the house to blow into the space. I will update you with some new photos as I get the space cleaned up. I have some ideas for videos I would like to do to share this great space with you. Hope you have a nice day.

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It looks so serene. Well done!


thank you it is a peaceful place to chill.

Looks and sounds dreamy 😍


It sounds even better with the birds and the waterfall in the pond... I will share some videos when It is done.


Oh, please do! I'm looking forward to that!

That looks relaxing as hell man, nice. I can't wait to have some space like this to build on

I really enjoy the picture you took for this post. I hope you do decide to make some video, as I would like to see this little alcove to its fullest.