How to show the personalityof your personality

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How to show the strength of your personality

personality bulding

A person passes through his life in different stages, and his personality is affected by these stages. He starts from the earliest age imitating others, influenced by those around him, he can not be a self-independent person, and with time he moves to another stage where he begins to form his own fingerprint, His character is usually a natural product of the influential ocean, be it family, friends, classmates or teachers, or even a fictional environment in the web !! From here we can say that building a personality starts from the environment in which the individual is created, either to help strengthen and build it properly, or to weaken it and weaken it.

Family Impact

In the first stage of construction, the family has the greatest influence, especially the parents. Either the family environment is positive, helping the parents to build and strengthen the child's personality, by instilling confidence in himself and by stimulating his intelligence, correcting behavior, , Purifying the thought of everything that destroys it. However, if the family environment is negative, either to neglect parents or to raise the son to some ideas that weaken his personality and to undermine his self-confidence, some parents raise their children to fear of things that are, and may not exist in life at all. , Vekber weak son shaky personality, afraid of haunted, did not drink the right thought, and built his character properly built!

When a person grows up, becomes independent of himself, his personality is often associated with the goal he sets in his life. Either he sets himself a simple goal, which is related to the concerns and concerns of life, which negatively affects his personality, or is a great goal. His character to be able to reach him, can not be weak personal to reach the high ranks and lofty goals, because of the weakness of his passion, and the joys of determination, and shake his self-confidence, and perhaps even can not set himself a goal at all!

Strength of Personality

One of the most important factors that show the strength of personality, the nature of the goal set by each person for himself, and the responsibilities incurred by him, and the characteristics that must be characterized by the shoulders of the responsibility to reach the goals of the High, and helps to strengthen personal perseverance and insistence on reaching The goal is to leave the laziness and dependence on others. The difference is apparent and the difference is huge between the person who strives to achieve its goal and the personality that depends on who leads it to the desired end of its hand.

The personality is strong, by the free will of the owner, and stems from himself, expressing his ambition in life, by freeing from stereotypes that determine his will and hinder his movement, and put obstacles to development, and this factor is linked, as we mentioned at the beginning, In which the individual is created, the abstract thought and the mold in one mold, is often the result of a society where this intellectual closure is entrenched and vice versa in an open society that embraces all ideas and opens the door to freedom and creativity. M on personal strength or weakness varies from one society to another, depending on the nature and composition of society, but nevertheless we can define a common Smata, define the strong character that we need to build in this community landmarks.

Therefore, we can identify the things that help to build a strong personality, through the following points:

1 The strength of the relationship with God Almighty, and the attachment to religion, increases self-confidence and strengthens the human personality, because it makes it linked to what is higher and higher than all human beings, so many obstacles and obstacles fall upon him, narrowing his eyes to the biggest problems and relieving many difficulties.

2 The existence of the established principles of the person, and adherence to these principles, and the lack of double standards in life, because it shows the appearance of the human weak vulnerable, who can change his speech overnight, but the adherence to its principles is strong and firm, imposing respect for others.

3 To be confident and confident, confident in his abilities, abilities and skills, distinct from others, each person skill is distinguished from others, and may be shared with some, seeking to be the best.

4 The existence of the goal in life, and the nature of this goal - as mentioned above - are the parameters of character, and life without purpose, produces a person without a personality, if you look at those who live his life without a goal, you will find a negative person and an idle element in society, Often, he has no independent thought, and has no different opinion, but his opinions are often followed by others, or subject to the mainstream in society.

5 The connection with this supreme goal, and leave the preoccupation with the things and the high standards of life, it is linked to the most important goal and purpose of the Supreme, and rose in personality, and preoccupied with the details of life and drowned in the concerns, weakened personality and decreased his level, and lower the idea, the things of daily life, is just a means to a larger goal, Is the end, only for those who did not understand the meaning of real life!

6 The high level of ambition and determination to reach this goal, because this affects positively on the personality of man, and makes it distinct in his life, the owner of the Eema different from others, do not see sitting empty, and do not see wasted time not useful things, but works and seeks, and have a real achievement Every day.

7 Responsibility, which is always evaded by the weak personal, Veron that they are burdened with their shoulders, can not carry the burden, the negative is normal in the weak personality, but the strong personality can bear the responsibilities, and the burden, so the sponsorship of the matter is useful in any case.

Show the power of personality

In order to show the strength of personality in man must be characterized by specific qualities, showing people that it is strong, unsteady, not weak, and this can be demonstrated by:

1 The calm and the calm in dealing with things, and emotional stress, it gives the impression of confidence and strength of personality, unlike the wheel and the rush that reflects the weakness and confusion of the person, the owner of the strong personality, knows how to decide, especially in matters that need to study and contemplation and consideration, When any position of positions.

2 To think well before speaking, and to reflect on the implications and effects of this speech before saying, the discerning of people addressed to the extent of their minds, and learn with who speaks and what he speaks.

3 The ability to endure the difficult situations that need patience and endurance, weak endurance weakens the personality, and shows the weak weak human determination, but the strong personality can be patient and endure difficulties.

4 The emotion is sometimes weakened by the personality of the person, and it is negatively affected in making decisions, whether on the personal level or the relationship with others. It is true that the emotion is beautiful and instinctive, but the exaggeration of the person shows the appearance of the weak .

5 Not to submit to the rhythm of life and the routine of the day, which makes the person bound to the things repeated, limiting the start of his mind and creativity, becomes an uninteresting dictator by nature, does not like change, does not accept renewal, but the person should be free from the daily routine, and trying to renew his life permanently , And change his habits continuously, because it helps to open his mind, and the start of thought.

6 The focus is on the external appearance, it gives the impression of the principle of each person to others, and the good appearance increases self-confidence, and this point in the end because it is not the importance of the above, but some people judge the person from the appearance, and may not enrich the appearance in some cases, But it helps in the emergence of a strong personality, and be complementary to the qualities and attributes we mentioned.

In conclusion, the building of the personality is one of the things that must be studied and the preparation of specialized courses, the holding of seminars and lectures, and even the establishment of specialized institutes, because they are linked to the construction of a generation that has a responsibility to keep up with the age and development, and undoubtedly affect the structure and strength of society.

By: Abdullah Hajjaj


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