Life Is Amazing Life's Beautiful But Not Always

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Life's beautiful, but not always. Do not worry though. Every of these issues make you strong, it supplies you courage to stand in future. Life's filled with moments of pleasure joy, relaxation and success punctuated by failures, defeat, misery and issues. There's no human being on Earth, strong, strong, clever or rich, who hasn't seasoned, battle, suffering or failure. You have to work difficult to achieve to the position. Life's full of paths, you simply need to choose the right one. Life's amazing and intriguing. With no doubt, life's beautiful and filled with celebrations. You need to be prepared to face hardship and challenges.

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There are situations in life. Be cautious! You may get hurt too hard. Life's sometimes selfish to think about yourself. Then life's too hard to handle. Falling in love. I think the time must come, although people have a propensity to fall in love today. You may also get hurt in Love. Since the people say, you could be broken hearted. Life's the place where everyone is treated by people racism bullying in addition to exists. People have a tendency to say bad things behind people's back. There are countless people using words that are horrible to call individuals, People use everyday to individuals.

Life's not really that easy in my view. Occasionally, all you would like to do is sit alone and query yourself with hundreds of questions - . Am I ugly since the people say? Why not have any friends? What's the world so difficult to live in? What do I look like in other peoples eyes? Why not have the colour of the skin as everyone else? :'-LRB-:'-LRB- - How can I make others happy? The queries does not stop. You ask those questions again and again. Whenever you do not have any answers, you would like to scream out loud or cry.

Bullying? Racism? what's all of these? , I do not understand what individuals get from making others unhappy and upset. Every one of you there on earth have your very own beauty. EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL! - So do not sit there saying i'm ugly say i'm PRETTY or HANDSOME, Damnn care about what individuals say. RUMORS ARE SPREADED BY HATERS, CARRIED BY FOOLS AND ACCEPTED BY IDIOT! Treat people the way they treat you! Be strong and face these saddo people around the globe. Haters are always around you. However it does not matter cause they're the ones who make you famous.

So what? If you are not beautiful, pretty, you've life and thats their most of it. Not everybody gets to live and people who do are sooo lucky! - People die, life changes, people come and go, but guess what you've to go with it however much it hurts .

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