"I" are different: 24 persons Billy Milligan. The real story, book and the movie "Split".

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William Stanley Milligan, the first person in the history of the United States of America, the court found innocent of serious crimes because of the defendant's mental disorder in the form of his multiple personality. Unlike other people with a multiple personality, known in psychiatric and popular literature, whose names are usually changed, Milligan became a famous publisher from the time he was arrested and prosecuted. His face appeared on the front pages of newspapers and on the covers of magazines, the results of forensic psychiatric examinations were transmitted in the evening television news. Milligan - the first patient with a multiple personality, who was carefully examined, is under surveillance around the clock in the clinic. The plural of his personality was confirmed under oath in court by four psychiatrists and a psychologist.

The full name of this unique person is William Stanley Milligan. He was born in 1955 and through time got into all the textbooks of psychiatry. The split personality assumes that a person is divided into two persons within one body and can not come to an agreement with himself. To some extent, every person has this, but the most extreme cases, of course, are called complex psychiatric terms. Billy Milligan does not even get into extreme cases. Inside, he gathered 24 people who were obvious to others.

Usually people hold their own disputes with themselves, many of us do not even realize them, but this Englishman each individual person lived her own special life. It seemed that just a few separate souls had settled in one body as in a communal apartment.

Of the 24 personalities of Billy Milligan, 10 were basic, and the rest were harshly suppressed for some immoral behavior. The scientists were given the great honor to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the countries "Billy Milligan".

Alter personality of Billy Milligan appeared at the age of 3-4 years (the unnamed boy with whom he played, and Kristin, who cared for the younger sister). The number of personalities increased at the age of 8-9 years, when little Billy repeatedly raped and beat his stepfather.

The base was considered 10 personalities (the description is given as of 1977-1978, during treatment). These are those who became known to psychiatrists, lawyers, police and the press during the trial.

Real Billy Milligan

  1. William Stanley Milligan (Billy), 26 years old. "Primary source" or "core"; Personality, hereinafter referred to as "Billy", or "Billy-N". I left school. Height 183 cm, weight 86 kg. Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown.

  2. Arthur, 22 years old. Englishman. A discreet, balanced, speaks with a British accent. He independently studied physics and chemistry, he studies medical literature. He fluently reads and writes in Arabic. A hard conservative, considers himself a capitalist, nevertheless openly expresses atheistic views. The first one who discovered the existence of all other personalities. In safe situations, it dominates, deciding which of the "family" to appear in each case and own the mind of Milligan. Wear glasses.

  3. Reidzhen Vadaskovinich, 23 years old. Keeper of hatred. The name is made up of two words (Ragen = rage + again - again rage). Yugoslav, speaks English with a noticeable Slavic accent. Reads, writes and speaks Serbian-Croatian. He owns a weapon, a specialist in karate, has an exceptional power, restrained by his ability to control the flow of adrenaline in himself. Communist, atheist. He considers it his vocation to be the protector of the "family" and, in general, all women and children. He masters consciousness in dangerous situations. Communicated with criminals and drug addicts, it is characterized by criminal, and sometimes sadistic and cruel behavior. Weight 95 kg. Very large, strong hands, long black hair, drooping mustaches. He draws black and white drawings, because he suffers from colorblindness.

  4. Allen, 18 years old. Rogue. Being a manipulator, he is the one who most often deals with strangers. Agnostic, his motto: "Take all the best from life." He plays the drum, draws portraits, the only one of all persons smokes cigarettes. She is on good terms with Billy's mother. The growth is the same as for Billy, although the weight is less (75 kg). She wears hair on the parting (on the right). The only one of them is the right-hander.

  5. Tommy, 16 years old. Master of shoots. He is often confused with Allen. As a rule, it is aggressive and unsociable. He plays saxophone, paints landscapes. An expert in electronics. Light brown hair, dark amber eyes.

  6. Danny, 14 years old. The one who is scared. He is afraid of people, especially men. Once he was forced to dig his own grave and was buried alive. Since then he paints only still lifes. Blond hair to the shoulders, blue eyes, short and slim.

  7. David, 8 years old. Keeper of pain; The one who empathizes. Takes over the pain and suffering of all individuals. Very sensitive and sensitive, but diffuse. Most of the time is confused. Dark reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, small growth.

  8. Christine, 3 years. "A child for a corner." It is named so because it was she who was in the corner of the school. A clever little Englishwoman, can read and write in block letters, but suffers from a speech disorder. He likes to paint and paint pictures with flowers and butterflies. Blond hair to the shoulders, blue eyes.

  9. Christopher, 13 years old. Brother Christine. He speaks with a British accent. Obedient, but restless. Playing on the harmonica. The hair is light brown, like that of Kristin, but the bangs are shorter.

  10. Adalana, 19 years old. Lesbian. Shy and self-absorbed, writes poetry, prepares food and farm for everyone else. Adalana has long straight black hair. As her brown eyes sometimes involuntarily move from side to side due to nystagmus, they say about her that she has "dancing eyes".

Pictures from the movie "split"

13 other personalities were declared by Arthur and Reiden as undesirable for any misconduct (antisocial behavior, violation of rules, etc.). They were first identified by Dr. David Kohl of the Athens Mental Health Center, Ohio.

11.Philip, 20 years old. Thug. A resident of New York, has a strong Brooklyn accent, speaks jargon. The mention of the name "Phil" gave the police and the press reason to believe that in addition to the ten already known personalities, there are others. He committed several minor crimes. Curly brown hair, brown eyes, hooked nose.

12.Kevin, 20 years old. Scheduler. A petty criminal, he planned a robbery of a pharmacy. He likes to write. Blonde with green eyes.

13.Walter, 22 years old. Australian. He imagines himself a hunter for big game. Has an excellent flair, often used as a gunner. Suppresses emotions. Eccentric. He wears a mustache.

14.April, 19 years. Bitch. Boston accent. Bears the plans of diabolical revenge to Billy's stepfather. Others say that she is insane. Can sew, help with the au pair. Black hair, brown eyes.

15.Samuel, 18 years old. "The eternal Jew." Orthodox Jew, the only one of all persons who believes in God. Sculptor, woodcarver. Black curly hair, beard, brown eyes.

16.Mark, 16 years old. Workhorse. Bezynitsiativny. Does anything only if someone forces. He prefers monotonous work. If there is nothing to do, just sits, staring at the wall. Sometimes it is called a "zombie".

17.Steve, 21 years old. The hardened deceiver. He laughs at people, parodying them. Narcissistic, self-centered. The only one who does not agree with the diagnosis of multiple personality. His mocking imitations often bring others trouble.

18.Lee, 20 years old. Comedian. The prankster, the clown, the witcher, his jokes irritate others, forcing them to engage in a fight, as a result of which they enter the punishment cell in prison. He does not value his life, does not think about the consequences of his actions. Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

19.Jason, 13 years old. "Pressure valve". His hysterical reactions and flashes of irritation, which often end in punishment, he seems to "release steam." Blocks bad memories, causing other individuals to have amnesia. Brown, brown eyes.

20.Robert (Bobby), 17 years old. Dreamer. Constantly dreaming of travel and adventure. He dreams of making the world better, but has no ambitions or any intellectual interests.

21.Sean, 4 years old. Deaf. Unable to concentrate, he is often considered mentally retarded. Gives out buzzing sounds to feel the vibrations in the head.

22.Martin, 19 years old. Snob. A resident of New York, likes to show off. Braggart, assumes importance. He wants to have a lot, but does not want to work. Blonde, gray eyes.

23.Timothy (Timmy), 15 years old. He worked in a flower shop, where he met a homosexual who frightened him with his attention. Went to himself, shut up.

24.Teacher, 26 years old. The sum of all twenty-three persons united in one. I taught others what they know. Brilliant mind, receptive, has a subtle sense of humor. He says: "I am Billy, all in one" and refers to others as androids, which he himself created. The teacher remembers almost everything.

He first clearly manifested itself during the passage of Billy's course of treatment at the Athens Mental Health Center. It was he who helped Casey tell the story of Billy Milligan, as he was able to recall those episodes that were not available to other members of the "family".

In 1975 Milligan was imprisoned - the Lebanese Correctional Institution in Ohio for rapists and armed robbers. He was released on parole in early 1977. In October 1977, Milligan was arrested for raping three women on the campus of Ohio State University. He was identified by one of his victims by the photo and fingerprints left by him on the car of another victim.

Since Milligan used a weapon that was found during the search of his residence, he was deprived of parole. He was convicted of "... three counts of kidnapping, three counts of robbery and four counts of violence".

During the preparation of his defense, he underwent a psychological examination by Dr. Willis K. Driscoll, who diagnosed Milligan's condition as acute schizophrenia. He was then researched by psychologist Dorothy Turner of the Southwestern Center for Community Mental Health in Columbus, Ohio. During this examination, Turner came to the conclusion that Milligan suffered from a multiple personality disorder. Public defenders Milligan, Gary Shweikart and Judy Stevenson, pleaded for protection "to refrain from insanity," and then he was transferred to a psychiatric clinic "until sanity returns to him."

Milligan was sent to one of the state psychiatric hospitals, the Athens Crazy House, where, according to his report, he received very little help. At the time he was in this hospital, Milligan reported the presence of ten different personalities. These ten were the only known psychologists. Later, psychiatrist David Cola discovered 14 other persons labeled as "undesirable". Among the first ten was Arthur, a prim and arrogant Englishman; Allen, a crook and manipulator; Reidzhen Vadaskovinich, Yugoslav communist, who demanded that Milligan commit robbery in the spirit of Robin Hood; And Adalana, a 19-year-old lesbian who craved closeness and, presumably, pushed Billy to rape.

In 1991, after 10 years of intensive treatment in various Ohio medical institutions, Billy Milligan was declared "whole" and released. Now he lives in California and, by his own admission, remains a split personality. Has a studio Stormy Life Productions and makes films. Engaged in programming, physics and mathematics. In 1999, he wrote the artificial intelligence program Harsesis with advanced communication capabilities, created about a dozen websites.

She works in the council for the protection of the rights of the child, negotiates claims of injured children with insurance companies. Advises illiterate prisoners and helps them to receive education. Checks dogs for their propensity for violence. He is fond of drawing. According to his lawyer, Bruce Tabith, "on some walls of the rooms of his house - beautiful frescoes, others are written with mathematical formulas. It's beyond human ability to know everything about Billy Milligan. "

Nevertheless, the following questions remain unanswered: from where does Milligan have the ability to escape, like Houdini, demonstrated by Tommy (one of his personalities)? Why did he declare himself "partisan" and "hired killer" in conversations with his victims? Doctors think that Milligan coexists and other unidentified individuals and that some of them could commit crimes that have not yet been uncovered.

From an early age, Milligan often "wasted time," he rarely paid attention to hours or dates, and was sometimes puzzled that he did not know what day or month was today.


William Stanley Milligan is a complex person leading a difficult life. He is either a crook who deceives society and avoids punishment for serious crimes, or a real victim of his numerous personalities. In any case, it's bad ...

Only time will tell who Milligan was: the swindler who fooled the whole world, or one of the saddest victims of this world ...
What is your opinion?

"Split" trailer-

Book- "The Minds of Billy Milligan" by Daniel Keyes

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