The 9 Different Ways Your Real Friends And Your Enablers Will Treat You

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Perhaps a dog is truly one's best friend, ever

1) When you post shit on social media to attract drama

Real friends: They will tell you that you don't have to post it because it is entirely unnecessary. It takes a certain kind of person to want to be validated on social media with drama. They're called insecure people who crave for likes, comments and shares while completely ignoring real life.

Enablers: They will comment and agree with you without understanding the entire situation.

2) When you constantly bitch about somebody

Real friends: Should you keep bitching about different people constantly, they'd tell you that you're coming across as a brat who seems to hate the entire world. They ask you what's wrong, listen to you and then work with you to take things in your stride and move on with life.

Enablers: They will agree with you willingly and join in the bitching, giving you more ammo to bitch and gossip about others even though they have no idea who it is you're bitching about.

3) When you're failing in class and don't want to study

Real friends: They will tell you to stop procrastinating, hit the books and study. They will also set aside some time to tutor you.

Enablers: They will also talk about how they hate studying and come up with reasons why education isn't important. They'd also regale tales of this and that billionaire who are college dropouts and therefore, you guys can somehow be the same.

4) When you're always drunk off your ass

Real friends: They will tell you how stupid you look and how shameful your behavior is. They will come up with more wholesome activities to spend with you apart from clubbing, partying and drinking.

Enablers: They are drinking with you as it is and making sure you get drunk. They probably will take advantage of you by getting you drunk so you'd foot the bill or bed you since you're more vulnerable.

5) When you're cheating on your partner

Real friends: They will tell you how disgusting your behavior is and that infidelity will always have consequences. They'll tell you that somebody is bound to be hurt and it could be you. They will also tell you how offended they are because they're seeing someone themselves or are married.

Enablers: They are also cheating. They will join you in coming up with weak excuses to justify when cheating is okay, when it's not.

6) When you're a dude who's constantly getting into fights

Real friends: They will tell you to wake the fuck up and stop resorting to violence. They will tell you that self-control and restraint are manly. They will tell that you that you must be an immature barbarian from the stone age who thinks beating somebody up is cool.

Enablers: They will look up to you and tell you how cool, muscular and manly you are for breaking the law.

7) When you're involved in office politics 

Real friends: They will tell you to ignore it, rise above it and focus on your work so you can excel. They will also encourage you take it in your stride so as to move up in your career or to quit if it's too toxic.

Enablers: They will join in and tell you why your colleagues and boss are complete assholes. They will also regale to you tales of their own experiences. They will tell you dirty tips and tricks to play the game so you can unethically climb the ladder or hut someone.

8) When you're on the edge of self-destruction

Real friends: They'll tell you what you need to hear even though it may offend you. They will also willingly lose your friendship so long as it has some form positive ramifications for your own good over the long-term.

Enablers: They will feed you some bullshit, trite and cliched line to cheer you up, but it truly will never make you grow. It will only make you feel better for a little bit. This point may be a little harsh because it is hard to indeed to tell your loved ones the truth, but if you think about it, skimming on the truth doesn't result in any kind of help or growth.

9) When you're super fucking rich

Real friends: They will teach you the value of a dollar and to invest wisely. They will make you remember where you came from. They will even be willing to foot the bill from time to time. 

Enablers: They will only be around you so you can buy them all sorts of shit. Once you're broke, they will disappear. 

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