"Not Everyone Is Born To Lead" Is Bullshit

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My fucked up salute

Well I think it's bullshit.

Anyone can lead.

All you need is the right motivation.

And then you need to realize that you're a fucking, awesome, god damn leader!

Story time: When I was a soldier

I served my stint in the army in Singapore about a decade ago.

I can tell you honestly that I was not leader material in the military. I was definitely not up to snuff to be a specialist or officer.

I remember once, as a recruit, I was appointed to lead the platoon. I fucked up once by saluting my OC (Officer Commanding) with a pen in my hand.

I was immediately punished and made to do push-ups.

If you want to lead, it's all about leading a group you care for, in a place you belong to, doing shit you love and actually realizing that you're making a difference.

So effectively, being a leader doesn't mean leading simply to fulfill the expectations of others.

Straight up, you can be anything you want:

  • Who cares if you're a supposedly nerdy kid playing World Of Warcraft all day? You could be leading a guild on a raid, which takes skill and patience.
  • Who cares if your life revolves around church only? You could be leading worship.
  • Who cares if you're just a military nut? You could be leading people into war.
  • Who cares if you're that douchebag whose life revolves around women only? You could leading and teaching other guys on how to meet women.
  • Who cares if you're a broke mom or dad? You're leading your kids and you're their everything to them.
  • Who cares if you're that shy, introverted person who hates going out? You could be a master at one-on-one conversations, leading and bettering people's lives that way. And trust me, people appreciate that. 
  • Who cares if you're obsessed with Steemit? You could be leading communities here. 

See where I am getting at?

For me today, I believe that I can lead through my writing and helping people on a personal basis. Every email I get, I try to reply and help them. Everyone who comes to me for help, I talk to them and try to meet them if possible. Personally, one-on-one meetings work best for me because I do not like to be around a big group. 

And that's perfectly fine by me. Anyone who disagrees with me and feel I can do more, in their own terms don't affect me anymore.

You can lead. Don't put yourself down and belittle your own values just because you don't make a ton of money or are famous or some shit.

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Well, that is the exact motivation I am trying to give to my team in business...of course not exactly with your words :) Good spirit...



motivasyon edici harika makale olmuş


errr what

You have posted a very nice one, I have read your words with a lot of heart. You look very beautiful. Many people have a lot of hands




Thank you very much for giving me some time in my precious time

In my experience I have always found that people WANT to be led, they WANT to be told what to, and most people don't want to take the responsibility to think for themselves.

If left to their own devices and having the choice between doing what's right and what's easy, most will choose to do what is easy.

While it is true that, "not everyone is born to lead" IS bullshit, the truer fact may be that not everyone is born to lead WELL.

Leadership, like anything else, has many facets. I believe that good, confident, interpersonal communication skills are key.

Any other necessary skills after that can be honed in time.


True true, but perhaps we need to educate and help most to discover that they are capable of leading, even if it's just one person (pun intended.)

Concluding that not everyone can lead won't help.