LOL Girl Dumps Guys For Talking About Stupid Bitcoins Then Comes Back After Bitcoin Price Soars

in life •  last year

6 years later at that.

One of my readers sent me this. I thought it was funny as fuck.

Well that's life for you, people don't care to stick around when you're struggling or doing things they don't understand.

But people suddenly want to show up out of nowhere when you're rich or famous, not that any of that will propel them to want to truly understand what you do of course.

Life huh?!

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Thank you very much for telling us about bitcoin, if you were not really interested in this post, we would not know about this bit.

so funny bro

Lol, I experienced that same senario this year, it is the sweetest revenge.

Lol, I saw the first part of this before, but not the bit about her return. Classic.