Jeffrey Katzenberg Shares His Email to Harvey Weinstein: "You've Done Terrible Things" And How I Feel Guys All Around Need To Wake Up

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Selfie of me and my mom cause I respect her.

So if you aren't in the know yet, Harvey Weinstein, acclaimed film director is under fire for allegations towards him sexually harassing and raping women in Hollywood.

Many actresses have come out about it after nearly 30 years.

And in this article right here, Jeffrey Katzenberg,  American businessman, film studio executive and film producer responds to his good friend.

Now, this is my view on the issue. I wrote about it on Facebook and I'd like to share it with you:

Obviously any allegations of sexual harassment or rape towards women is terrible. Allowing it to happen for so long because of one's status and power in an industry is also a fucked up thing altogether that needs to be addressed.

However, what I actually like about this article is when you read between the lines and see how a male friend actually bothers to tell a close friend to fuck off when they come to you with this "You're my friend, therefore you must take my side" mentality.

Sadly, I think it is rampant among guys everywhere with their bullshit bro bond as they completely eradicate common sense, morals and principles.

In my case, many have been the times friends come up to me with their problems about women when clearly, they're the ones fucking up by indulging in infidelity. Then they get offended when I call them out on it and immediately shift the entire conversation towards my own shortcomings, "Shut up Alden. You also screwed up before. Remember that time you etc etc." True story.

Of course, I am by no means perfect. I've fucked up before and I am willing to admit that. I've literally cried alone in my room multiple times before due to my mistakes knowing that it has cost someone in my life entirely. Read my blog and articles all over the web and you'd know how I try to make amends and be a better person.

It's one thing to screw up. It's another thing to try to justify it with pathetic excuses and then blame your own friends for not helping or covering up for you.

Posting this would probably unnerve a bunch of guys on my list, not that I care anymore. I think it's a good thing really, for guys all around who need to wake the fuck up.

I will care if you man up and start to respect women. Quit bitching about women and how they've bruised your ego. I am here for you with a listening ear if need be then.


So what do you all think?

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I think he ran out of money to keep people quiet lol you know it happens all the time.


Probably! Friggin money

I think all of Hollywood is run by pedophiles. Just look at the both of them. They creep me the f*** out.


Haha. The stories, if true are crazy.