I Guess Everyone Has Their Asshole Moments

in life •  6 months ago

I think we're all assholes.

Because we all have our asshole moments.

We all have our bad days.

We all have bad moods.

We all have our pet peeves and little idiosyncrasies.

In that sense, we're all hypocrites.

I'll be the first to admit that.

I can be rather extreme in the way I judge people in that sense that I believe people should act a certain way. No excuses allowed.

For example, to me, anyone who treats customer service staff like crap are not good people. Period.

Guys who let their day get ruined by little things are emotionally unstable people.

People who don't respect others for their own idiosyncracies are just not cool.

But... I've fucked up before:

  • I've been pissed at cafes and restaurants when they forget my order. I think it's fucking inexcusable to forget a customer's order. The last time this happened to me was through their ordering system via iPads, so I got mad that their technology screwed up.
  • I can't stand people who are scared to step on escalators so much so they need a moment to gain their bearings before setting foot on it. I mean, why do that when you know there's someone behind you?!
  • I do get annoyed with my mom and snap at her when she asks too much shit.

Stuff like that.

On the surface, anyone reading this would think I am an asshole.

I make no excuses indeed.

I guess we all just have our moments.

Who you like or not truly is about timing, impression and perspective.

That is why nobody gets to be perfect.


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Yeah..... Everyone has a bad and evil day or moments... 👍👍

We all are imperfects but having bad mood or bad days do not make you asshole. Our acts make us asshole.