Cannabis, a drug with tremendous potential [Dabbing with a Mage Episode 76]

in life •  last year

Cannabis helps and saves people's lives in a plethora of ways, I've not barely scratched the surface of the plethora of wide-ranged uses for this versatile plant.

Again the video was too long and my phone didn't have enough space for editing. Forgive the awkward stare at the end. ;)

PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe

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Cannabis is very dangerous plant. It killed many people beacuse if you smoke it, you can get beaten and killed by the cops. Also, use of cannabis oil can result in massive rampage madness in pharmceutical circles and doctors. We all know what people in state of madness can do. Also...oh there is million more thing. So kids, don't use cannabis only get mad mass of we will have unhappier world. (This reminds me on mainstrem research about cannabis) :P

I am so grateful for the fact that cannabis has been legalized in SA, medicinally it is an endless source of greatness!
Thank you for your share!

Excellent point of view my friend @alchemage
I agree with you as long as it is for medical use and can control people's ailments.

Beautifully said alchemage!
You speak eloquently and make some wise points - I am following you now :D
Thank you also for your vote on my eco mining post - really appreciated.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Your body..your choice ~ I totally respect that! Wish they would legalize it here.

Nice post Dear...

Watching just for the promise of an awkward stare at the end.




A bonus awkward stare from @breezin, can this day get any better?


I know that mine just did - due to @clayboyn 's reply!!

WOW,,, amazing videos man

good knowledge ... Thanks..

I only heard about this plant here in your post and great thanks for the information

Agree completely although I gave up a long while ago, simply cos I dont' need it. A documentary that should be watch is 'The Billion Dollar Crop' is quite old but very eye opening, More about Hemp but touches on cannabis.

In my opinion well many's they dont publicise its healing quality as the can't patient a plant meaning the big pharma can't cash in on it, simple. Keep using it my friend and when the people who slate you finally realise the are been brainwashed they will apologise :)

Hi @alchemage ive heard that canabis has many medicinal used. We call it marijuana in my country Philippines but it is illegal here. Thank you for the information my friend.

hi @alchemage ,,, I would like to share marijuana issue information in my country of Aceh. the quality of marijuana in Aceh is very good and very good. and certainly very beneficial for health. which made us overwhelmed, is the law created by colonial Indonesia who always harming us. whereas a lot of land in Aceh with soil quality is very fertile to grow marijuana. I really like your post about marijuana. hopefully in the future, in Aceh will be able to grow cannabis freely which is very useful for human. i like you. i always follow you. by @boyasyie