A small summer treat / 夏の小さなご褒美

in life •  13 days ago 


Due to the water leak in the kitchen two weeks ago, we didn't go for vacation this summer. Instead of traveling, I bought a garden chair. It's so nice just to be in the sunny balcony.


The host of my favorite YouTube channel Roots and Refuge Farm said "Good garden has a chair (chairs)". It sticks to my mind and I was looking for one.

椅子を買うきっかけになったのは最近気に入って見ているYouTubeのRoots and Refuge Farmというチャンネルの動画で、ホストが「いい庭には椅子がある!」と言っていたのが忘れられず、この数週間いいのがないか探していました。そんな中、お父ちゃんと家の中の領土争いがあり、衝動買いしました ;)


Bitter melons grow. I look forward to have the first harvest soon :)


I should have bought a chair two years ago already ...


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