Standing on the shoulders of giants

in life •  2 months ago


Knowledge is a key.

It frees the mind, the body, the soul , the spirit , and all that we are made of from the brick-cages of ignorance.

Many of the life issues we all face as humans stem from Ignorance: the act of not knowing.

Regret comes after the realization of something that was ignored or not known.

Every day, I begin to realize more and more the importance of knowledge, of how it could change the perspective of things for us: humans

A young child born in a prison might not feel imprisoned , at least not until he or she realizes that the prison is not the default way of living and that many experiences better levels of freedom that what he or she was born into.

The knowledge of this is the true freedom that sparks a fire to get freed in the imprisoned child who has just got his mind renewed by the new knowledge he or she gathered.

I know more now, better than ever, in pains and otherwise. As good and strong as learning by experience is , I still would not prefer it over gathering knowledge by absorption of other people’s experience and conclusions through worthy literature pieces and digital media.

It saves time and makes the proverbial skin clear of unnecessary scars that stems from the mistake of not knowing.

Over the years, I have learnt to realize that it is way better to climb on the shoulders of those before us to learn rather than keep oneself locked in the cage of trial and error.

Every new exploit is built on trial and error , nevertheless, I believe that should only be a choice of last resort after trying all previously proven methods.

All have said further endorses the importance of science.

Science is just a body of knowledge, a body of all that was for the benefit of all that should be.

We all ought to be scientists. Building upon the strong foundations of the past for a grander future.

There is a reason great artists steal. They watch what was, study it and create what will be.

I hope today brings out the best and greatest of blessings for me, in knowing , doing, and in getting rewarded. I wish same for you too. Be blessed.


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