Celebration of Victory, Hardship and Friendship --- My Graduation Day

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Many times I have wished I know the 'Shadow Clone Technique' for me to divide myself for the mountains of works to do related to school. In the end, I have succeeded with my bare skills. These is the fruit of my exhausting labor.

A lot has happened in my lengthy venture of joy and struggle. Schoolworks and that fatal thing called 'expectations', I admit, have bested my multiple times. Stress was everywhere, I guess. Issues, misunderstandings and quarrels. Laughter, achievements and friendship. It all encompassed my whole high school life.


A closer look to my winning trophy, the struggles I have faced, challenges and the victories I have won. Cheers to that.

Four years. Four years with these people have made me realized that life is so vast and colorful for me to sit still in the four corners of my dusty room. With them by my side, I have come to be amazed and love the life I have once doubted. I learned that bonds are forged by raging wildfire of challenges and enchanted by smooth blazes of joy and success. I have come to understand the beauty of meeting different kinds of people that leaves me in awe every time I think how mysterious their lives are. They made me the person I am today - compassionate, brave, and affectionate. Life is so awesome and together with them, I have somewhat understood it.


I have shared four years with these awesome people!

Two more years. Two additional years were added as mandated by the Department of Education as part of the curriculum and education program change. I admit, I never liked it. I literally thought of it as a waste of time and money. However, I don't own the right to control whatever happens around and let it favor me, so I let it slide.

I let "this is so much fun" slide from my mouth a few weeks after the first day of Senior High. I let the whole new lessons slide to my brain.

The people I never knew will leave a very big mark in my heart.

I let the different sorts of people from different lives slide to my mind, slowly to my heart and down to my soul. I lost, once again to my impressions. Everyday is filled with happiness in that old room with a smashed board and comfort room. We sat and old broken wooden chair but we sang contentment and pride out from it. We had poor ventilation but we felt splendid by the hear of love, care and adoration to each other.



I found friendship that I've never known from the world I have met.


No other words but 'brothers' and bursts of emotion.

Friendship that shortened my once sorrowful days and made me accept the flaws I have.

Friendship as white and pure as the rays of the rising morning sun but as brave and brilliant as the silver moon.

Friendship that is inscrutable like the universe but is surely beyond time and space.

Friendship that rocked, lifted, and softened my heart.

Friendship that brought life and color to mine, eradicating the darkness and exploding with bright colorful lights.

I will forever hold these people dear and close to my heart, till the day I part from this world.


It's funny how these strangers make your life worth living. Sometimes I ask what good things have I done to deserve such blessing. I felt very wanted and needed. I felt loved and adorned as I am. There may be times when the bond we've formed is tested. There may be times when misunderstandings and dark thoughts cloud our judgment. Still and still it will not stop us becoming what we used to be --- a family. A family that barged into my life in a brute fashion yet gentle in nature. A family that is frank in words yet so modest. A family that gives joy to someone that has been friends with misery for a long time, someone like me.

The two years I reckoned to be ugly turned out as the beautiful ones. With the aforementioned people, I learned and felt what being alive truly is. Our paths may or may not intertwine in the future, I strongly believe that the link we've shared will never detach from our hearts. I will always remember and share whatever success I will have in the future to them. If people were to be named to places, I will surely and wholeheartedly call them 'home'. Home is more than just a place; it is a feeling of devotion and strong affection towards another.


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Congratulations brother :)

Thank you :D

Lamat chadeeeee

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