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RE: Everyone is talking but no one is listening. Arguing online is pointless.

in #life5 years ago

I feel the same. I usually don't bother even reading replies when I post comments because all they are gibberish attacking me for not cheering mindless on about whatever the topic was. In those cases arguing is worse than pointless - it actually serves to help convince the person that he/she is in the right. The flaming going on now also has another purpose, though: to silence dissenting voices. If people are intimidated enough, they will stop speaking out. When they stop speaking out, the other side wins.


When two people argue online in comments they both tend to come away thinking they were right and they defeated the other person.

I think you're right about people being silenced. I guess its a self-censorship for fear of hostility, if you speak out on either side of certain issues you'll have a bandwagon of ideological idiots who parrot a few key phrases they've learnt.

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