Allah guarantees you very perfectly, Allah guarantees every need of your life

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For a heart that is restless, do not be afraid of any shortcomings in this world, you have a God who is all-merciful and all-inclusive, so depend on and ask for everything.

Allah guarantees you very perfectly, Allah guarantees every need of your life, then why do you feel worried and anxious? Because everything just depends on you.

If you are currently in a state of deep anxiety and worry, then quickly come to God.

Give everything to Allah, whatever causes your bitterness to stir in Allah, and let Allah manage everything for you, including the path of good that you hope for.

Never hesitate in asking God, because if what you ask is good then surely Allah will predestate you.

God will give you what you want, if it is the best and will bring good to your life in the future.

Because let alone a thing that you might ask of Allah, asking that which is impossible will Allah grant easily if it is good for you.

God will give you what you ask, as long as there is good in it, because God will not predetermine if it is not the best for you.

That is why you have to ask as much as possible to Allah, wherever and whenever, until finally you really depend only on Him.

Until finally you realize that any bitterness and anxiety in this life will disappear when you are close to Him, when you are kneeling begging the best to Him.

Therefore, let go of all the bitterness, anxiety, and doubt that you feel in the clinging of endless prayer, so that you will never feel afraid and you will be fine again to live your life.

Remember, worry, lack, and fear are tests from God, whereas God's purpose is only so that you are completely dependent on Him.

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