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Abortion is a medical operation to end a pregnancy so that the baby is not born alive. Abortion can be intentionally or not intentional.

The causes of abortion are referable either to the mother, or to the foetus and its dependencies. The causes in the mother may be: extreme nervous susceptibility, great debility, faulty conformation. The causes seated in the foetus are its death, rupture of the membranes.

Spontaneous abortion at earlier stages of pregnancy is called miscarriage. Induced abortions is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually before the EMBRYO or FETUS is capable of independent life. Induced abortions often occur through intentional medical intervention and are performed to preserve the woman's life or health, to prevent the completion of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, to prevent the birth of a child with serious medical problems, or because the woman does not believe she is in a position to rear a child properly.

Abortion laws are controversial. There are group of people who describe themselves as “pro-choice”, who believes that the decision to have an abortion should be left to the mother. Ther is another group of people known as the “pro-life”FACTION, who also argue that abortion is killing, and they holds that the state should abolish abortion in most cases.`

Is Abortion Good or Bad

There are many societies, communities and people who have shared their thoughts on this argument, some spoke in favor of the art and others also did speak against it.

Arguments in favour of Abortion

  • Every individual has right, the foetus or the embryo is not a full person, which means the embryo has no right. Therfore the mother argues that it is her own body and since she has the right over her body, she argues that she has the right to dispose of the foetus who is attached to her body.

  • In situations like rape, a woman may be impregnated forcefully. Such a woman after the trauma of rape may angrily argue that she does not want the baby in her womb, because the child is not going to have a father and she may not have as much to take care of the baby and herself, the resulting choice therefore is abortion especially in cases of war.

  • Some group of peolpe also argues that when the life of the mother and the embryo comes into conflict, the best step to take is to remove the embryo for the mother to live, as she may get pregnant again because to them the embryo is not yet a human being.

  • Abortion may also occur when one or both of the individuals involved in sexual intercourse is/are mentally retarded. If is the case of the mother some group of people agrees that the mother should be allowed to abort the embryo, since a mentally retarted can not take care of the yet to be born baby.

  • There is a theory known as the theory of ensoulment. This theory explains that the embryo does not have a soul therfore it can be aborted anytime.

  • Some people also argues that when the embryo is found defective, the best option is to abort fo it to come into the world and suffer

Arguments Against Abortion

  • According Christians, the God who made life has dominion of life. He is the giver of life and he is the only one who can take life. Therefore no human being has the right to take life. As it is stated in the Holy BIble "(Exod 20:13 [KJV])
    Thou shalt not kill."

  • The life of every individual begins as an embryo, so to kill or abort an embryo means to kill a human being. Therefore is bd to abort or kill.

  • If the mother does not want the child, she can give birth to the child and give the child out for adoption, which is accepted in the community.

  • Abortion is evil and it shouldn't be practise, because both the embryo and the mother has rights(Right to live).


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