The holy month of Ramadan.

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The holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims of the world live on the second day of the holy month of Ramadan, and Muslims this month to fast.


What is fasting?

Fasting is the language of constipation or silence, but the term is one of the pillars of Islam, which is to abstain from food and drink and all the things that break from dawn until sunset, and fasting wisdom is approaching to God as a worship and impose on the Muslim, and self-reliance on patience and endurance, The soul saves from scarcity and aches to believe in those in need, and fasting has many physical benefits for the digestive system, and psychological benefits such as feeling comfortable and reassuring that human beings are fulfilling their duties and pleasing God.

Those who are responsible for fasting are the wise person who is aware of the reward of fasting and does not impose on the insane who is unreasonable. Capable, and does not impose on the sick person and the tenant. Muslim believer non - infidel. And does not impose on the young adult unless his family wants to be accustomed to fasting.

Conditions for Acceptance of Fasting:

The intention: The fasting person must intend to fast on the night of fasting. It is not permissible to fast only because he did not eat food on this day.
Constipation for breakouts: not eating or drinking, or any of the breakouts during fasting until fasting is accepted.

The spoils of fasting:

The harmful effects of fasting are: food, drink and anything that enters the cavity. Swallow a little water deliberately. Taking injections anywhere in the body is considered rude. Fainting from the period of dawn to sunset without realizing fasting. Infidelity and insulting the divine self.

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