The story of some of some students while at the higher institution...

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Story story, there live two good friends who where all studying the same course at the higher institution. One is the daughter of the rich and the other the daughter of a poor farmer who will never mind spending is last money on his poor little daughter to make sure every thing is conducive for her to study well at school. Due to her fathers effort she take it to heart never to disappoint her Father, and she always have this dream that one day she will............ While on the other side the daughter of the rich man is always proud of her Fathers wealth and is position in the society as well. Her dreams is that one day she will graduate from the higher institution and there will be a white kola job for her.
The dreams that this poor girl had been dreaming is that one day she will built a company in her fathers name where her family, relations and the people of her community will benefit from it and through that also schooler ship will be given to the less privileged... This is the end of my story...
Let's ask our selves now are our dreams and desires only for our benefit or for ours and those around us?

  1. We should not be proud of our parents status or influence in the society cos we don't know what the future holds.
  2. We should not have selfish desires but rather think for the benefit of all like the daugther of the poor farmer.
  3. Lets think of becoming boss of our self rather than calling someone boss..

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