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As regards the rarity in the great men industry, Ulog aims at fixing this anomaly. When essence is giving yo the human with an understanding that everyone has something to offer, then can every(any)one become a celebrity.

I studied almost every community and discovered that 'ulogacy' makes you accepted just as you are without being bias. Ulog considers all her members a celebrity and no one is without an impact.

No human being on earth is ordinary. We are all loaded!

When a human understands the content of his being, it is already a step to becoming a celebrity. Getting to the limelight only requires the knowledge of your potential and your ability to utilize every content of your being.

Applying the 'down to earth innovation', whereby you 'mine your human' and produce an Ulog. An Ulog in the sense that it was not in existence. Ulog gives room for every innovation and nothing is considered as simple. The very senseless innovation is given essence in Ulogging.

While in the real world, some are considered as celebrities and others as nothing. Ulogging places value in your innovation and even curate your effort. All we seek on the Ulog community is real human growth.

In our world today, humans are loosing value, just a machine can cause unemployment for a human in an organization. When a machine can function to the extent of replacing a human's effort and performing the exert role of the human, an employer will rather go for a machine rather than employing a fellow human. But when a human's effort is considered 'unordinary', value is returned to humans. And by that we can fix the rarity in the great men industry.

I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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