What to do when you're firmly convinced that you want to change your life

in life •  11 months ago

Already know that everything around us is based on energy. The tone of the interior, ability to act and to think clearly is an indicator of energy in our body. But how can we affect this tool?

The response is classic - specialists: water, breathing, nutrition and the efforts of the physical constants.

We have to do things the right way (to drink more water, eat, breathe deeply and exercise) our bodies are ripe, which gives us inner strength and desire to move mountains.

Responsibly, the port state that these practices are NOT enough! This is an important part of life to feel better and start the process of change. This is a step towards a healthy lifestyle, but the key to the source of inner strength and drive is different.

For many years I have studied various methods to improve and boost energy.

I understand that there are people that glow. You're attracted to, and I need to get to them. But can you be healthy, look good, and be totally empty inside. No power, no spark, nothing.

With admiration, we analyzed those who do yoga, meditation, and others, and the creators (business, project, art) in different periods of life, and I want to shout in mouth big conclusion that I did:


This is a simple answer, but it is the response that I was blocked.

As long as you're not wasting energy – you will not get a new one.

Actually, I think that's the protective functions of the body. Because our body need to invest that energy.

How to work more you have, the more energy you get.

People are very to remove these methods improve energy, and not too share enthusiasm, have you noticed? The point is not only in practice but also in obtaining continuous energy.

The harsh question: why do you need the strength, tone, energy, drive and enthusiasm?

Energy have a lot, only that resources are limited. How did you manage, if you.


Why do you need energy? Where are you going to invest? What do you get?

Our goals determine our strength, whether we like it or not.

If you want to feel alive and energetic, and you want to practice these exercises, you should know that you will have as much energy as you exert.

If you practice these techniques only for the sake of increasing energy – it will keep at the level necessary for everyday activities. Strength, enthusiasm and desire life comes when a person realizes that he wants and does everything possible to get it.

Get the power to work.

In other words, when you make the decision to move mountains, you know that even you can do it. First, you must decide to change everything and make the decision where you will improve, and with every step that you make, you will feel inside of you, as indescribable.

But here we must beware: not about the desire surface. We are talking about strong desires, a specific action plan and tasks, but also patience to go through this place to the end.

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